Dr. Hazel Berrard launches four new captivating leadership books


Seasoned business leader and author, Dr. Hazel Pobewa Berrard Amuah, has unveiled her four new books on leadership onto the market for public consumption over the weekend.

The Author, a Chartered Insurer, and a multiple award-winning seasoned human resource (HR) professional with over 25 years of experience unveiled the four captivating books in one night, an exercise described by many top authors in the country as unprecedented. The four comprehensive books on diverse leadership topics are titled: ‘Where Power Lies’, ‘Dolphins Don’t Swim in Lakes’, ‘Global Passport’, and ‘People Factory’.

These books were published barely a year after the launch of her first authored book ‘Winning in the Jungle’, a book that sold extensively because it speaks to fundamentals of life and day-to-day lessons that one can learn.

Dr. Hazel Berrard spoke to the B&FT on the books that have been described as a chronicle of catalogs, observations, and life experiences in the world of business and Christian living. Her simple message is that everyone should try to grab a copy for a read and apply the knowledge.

Touching on her inspiration to write, she stated that Apostle Paul in the Bible is a good writer who wrote about everything about his life, and so she takes inspiration from him as a Christian in addition to her love for writing and desire to share knowledge.

Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, the West African College of Physicians, and the Ghana College of Physicians, Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosa, commended the author on her selflessness in continuously putting out her observations and experiences in life as a leader, coach and mother.

He urged experts and well-resourced persons in society to share knowledge acquired by writing and publishing such core values with peers and the younger generation.

According to him, that is one of the sure ways to transfer the core values of society and nuggets of wisdom to the next generation necessary for sustaining good morals, ethics and the tenets of African culture.

“First and foremost, people must acquire knowledge but they should also be ready and willing to share that knowledge. Frankly, if you acquire knowledge and you do not share it, it becomes useless. And so, it is important that people who have worked and read widely, and have gained a lot of knowledge in their line of duty begin to write and share with the next generation,” he said.

“To me, what she is doing is amazing and prolific. She has been able to catalog not only her own experiences, but also what she has observed and heard people do and has crystalised all of it in a very clear language to let people know what goes on in the world,” he added.

Chairperson for the book launch, Founder of Salt and Light Ministries, Rev. Dr. Joyce Rosalind Aryee, mentioned that one of the best things one can leave for their kids is a library, and this can be done by acquiring books one at a time.

She also urged retired and top-level executives and citizens to write down their experiences because the more quality content made available in the public space would urge the youth to read and develop their writing skills as well.

About the books

Dolphins Don’t Swim in Lakes.  A book Prof. Akosa picked as his favourite; has a foreword by Kingsford Arthur, Managing Partner of PriceWater Coopers; and endorsed by Dr. Saint Kuttu – Senior Lecturer from the University of Ghana Business School, Dr. Kwame Annor – CEO of Tulip Grey Group, Ama Benneh Amponsah – Country Chief HR officer of MTN Ghana, Dr. Edith Dankwa – Board Chairperson of Business and Financial Times (B&FT), and Cynthia Addy who is the HR Director of GHANALINK.

This book creatively juxtaposes dolphins to humans and their habitat to working environments. The author touches on many salient themes otherwise not spoken about.

Where Power Lies

This book is a captivating read. From the topic to the last chapter, the reader is sure to be enraptured in the pages of this book. The content of this book is not different from its title. Starting with a background of the genesis of power, the author beautifully weaves the many nuances of power into a beautiful story.

The author boldly speaks on the subject of power and its double-edged tendency to become a blessing or a curse. Many unsung heroes and silent conversations about power in the corridors of the corporate world are discussed in this book.

People Factory

Kojo Amissah, Country Director for the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), who wrote the foreword, said: “As an HR Executive, the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared in this book is overwhelming. Her approach to talent management is matchless and displayed in the pages of this book.

Global Passport

This book is an answer to many prayers offered up to God in various places. Expounding and shedding light on what it takes to be a global citizen, the author answers all the questions on the matter. The Foreword was done by the HR Director of Foxtons from the United Kingdom, and Dr. Ted Sun, who is the Founder and President of Transcontinental University, America. Endorsements were given by David Paterson, who is a cross-cultural expert from the UK, and Dr. Joyce Aryee – a renowned stateswoman of Ghana, among others.

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