CalBank undertakes fire safety simulation exercise in Tamale


CalBank has held a simulation exercise at its Tamale office to sensitise staff and customers on fire and safety precautionary measures to be taken when there is a disaster. It was also done to validate and enhance the bank’s preparedness and response plans, procedures and systems for other hazards.

The exercise, held in collaboration with the National Fire Service and National Ambulance Service, saw officers test the responsiveness of staff and customers to the sound of alarms in the course of transacting business. It was also used to educate the public on the need to call the relevant institution for swift intervention as well as the need to insure their property.

Speaking after the exercise, the Security Coordinator for the Bank, Thomas Addae Nketsiah, said the security of staff and customers of the bank was important to management, hence, the need to test how the staff and customers would respond to an emergency situation.


It is part of fire service regulation that institutions should, on yearly basis, organise fire drills for their staff and customers, he said. When you are in a building and hear the fire alarm blowing, please you have no business staying in the room. Whatever is it that you are doing, you have to leave and take care of your life, he advised.

He said the bank has fire marshals at every branch to evacuate everybody on the premises in case of any incident.

Acting Regional Operation Officer, Divisional Officer Grade 3 at the regional fire department, Tisong Charles, expressed gratitude to the management of the bank for such an exercise, stating that every institution needed to undertake simulation exercises in their offices once in a while to test the readiness of staff and customers in safety measures.

He said the welfare of staff and customers needs to be the concern of management, and if all adhere to the safety standards, fewer incidents will be recorded at workplaces. Fire outbreaks can take place in different forms, and so there is a need for all to ensure the facility is insured in case of any accident.

Every institution needs to undertake the exercise to ensure that fire extinguishers, fire detectors/smoke alerts and core points, among others, are functioning, he added.

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