YEB Gallery Set To Host “Threads Of Life” Solo Art Exhibition


The renowned international Artist Kwabena Yeboah under the YEB Gallery, in partnership with the Mix, is honoured to announce the opening reception of the Kwabena Yeboah’s Solo Art Exhibition titled “Threads of Life” at the Mix Design Hub from Friday, November 25, 6PM to Saturday, December 3, 2022.

This solo art exhibition will feature prominent guests from all across Ghana who desire to have a feel of the silk thread masterpiece arts made by the award-winning artist Kwabena Yeboah. Through abstract realism, his works explore and depict common threads and a sense of pride among Africans and diaspora societies.

The art to be displayed expresses and reflects the identity, royalty, celebrations and performances of his subjects with his threading.

Kwabena Yeboah is a Ghanaian artist with over four decades of experience in silk threading. He discovered textile art early in 1977 in Nigeria, Lagos. He evolved the craft into an art form known as silk thread art or threading back in Ghana.

Inspired by one of the wonders of nature – the black spider’s web, he creates impactful narratives and experiments with the silk medium used in traditional Kente adornment of Royals in Ghana. The artist is known for his energetic and vivid colour palette that invigorates his masterpiece, from African masks to spirits. His artworks are exhibited and collected internationally.

According to the artist, the event, “Threads of Life”, brings the DNA significance of Kwabena Yeboah’s pioneering work into focus and to the public. Kwabena Yeboah promises an experience worth four decades of artist invention as he leads all to take a closer look at the composition of his works’ identity, figuration and celebration. “Threads of Life” shall also reveal the versatility of the silk thread medium and his threading technique involving strands of fine silk tessellating in an inverse spiral pattern on canvas.

Kwabena Yeboah said, “these threadings are made with silk thread used in Kente clothing, and Kente is more than just a cloth; it is an iconic representation of the history, ideas, ethics, oral literature, belief, social values, and thoughts of West Africans”. Kente is exported as one of the critical symbols of African heritage and pride in African societies throughout the diaspora,” he added.

Kente, according to him, is adorned by Ashanti royalty and limited to particular social and ceremonial functions. It continues to be associated with wealth, high social status, and cultural sophistication. These cultural and historical values are what embody his works.

This art exhibition curates works from his cultural, musical and spirit series. These masterpiece threads will express and reflect his subjects’ identity, royalty, celebrations and performances. “I encourage everyone to walk in during the date slated for this exhibition and enjoy the rich Ghanaian culture made with fine silk threads,” he explained.

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