GCTU awards MPS for its innovative technology initiatives


The Ghana Communication Technology University (GTUC) has presented Excellence Awards to Meridian Port Services Ltd. (MPS) and its Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Samara, for his sterling leadership in driving innovation and technology in Ghana’s maritime environment.

This gesture was as part of the university’s maiden awards in recognition of MPS’ invaluable contribution to development of the industry, education and society.

According to the Head of Department for Marketing, Procurement and Logistics, Dr. King David Boison, MPS has distinguished itself in promoting the reputation of Tema Port as a world-class port with its exploits.

“Having witnessed what has been achieved from Terminal 2 and subsequently improving it in Terminal 3, the university following due processes elected to award you to acknowledge your commitment to restructuring the cargo clearance process. As a process improvement practitioner, I am particularly impressed to hear that you are running with the LEAN management ideology and creating value to the customer by optimising resources etc.”

Chairman of the Awards Committee, Ing. Mark Amoamah, while presenting the award said: “You have been chosen not only for your organisation’s notable dedication to the educational development of our youth, but also, crucially, for our institutions’ shared values. Without a doubt, your organisation’s demonstration of consistently high standards, commitment to corporate ethics and transformational innovation give undoubted credence to your nomination”.

In an acceptance speech for the Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award & Institutional Excellence Award, the CEO of MPS, Mohammed Samara, acknowledged efforts of the vision-bearers and outlined details of the technology deployed in the Terminal.

He indicated that their whole operational process is digitalised, allowing efficiency and convenience.

“We are not stopping with this; we’ve done a lot with this digitalisation process, but without the human being we would have not reached where we are today”. Mr. Samara said.

He further mentioned that: “Today we have the know-how and technology, and going forward what we will need to keep this place running into the future is a good supply of manpower – and that is where institutions like the university come in. MPS would like to associate itself with universities so that we can feed each other with knowledge and opportunities for improvement. We want to stay in the lead when it comes to technology and nurturing talent”.

He then handed over the Institutional award to Bram de Jong, the IT Manager of MPS who spearheaded the IT implementation processes for MPS Terminal 3. Mr. de Jong praised management and the IT team for their efforts to achieve the resultant success.

On his part, the university’s Industrial Liaison Officer, Mr. Ahmed Antwi Boampong, commented on the establishment of a productive relationship with MPS.

He said: “As a university, our goal is to produce much-needed resources for the industries that we have in Ghana. We look forward to the opportunity to establish a partnership that allows our students to have a better understanding of what happens on the ground in the work environment. This will help them to create a nexus with the theoretical knowledge we teach in the school”.

The visitors were then taken through a brief tour of the Operational and IT departments to directly witness management of operations from the offices.

MPS Technology Drive

MPS has since its advent into Ghana driven the digital agenda by a successful integration of digital technology into all areas of its business activities, resulting in fundamental changes to its operations. In the past 3 years, MPS has led Tema Port in a never-before-experienced transformation of Port Operations and Management. Its highly-efficient Container Terminal – MPS Terminal 3 – is a sophisticated port facility, well-heeled with technology and some of the world’s most advanced equipment, systems and digital processes.

Award Background

The Institutional Excellence Award is instituted by GCTU’s Institutional Development office to identify and recognise organisations which have distinguished themselves in their various industries while playing a significant role in our nation’s growth and development.

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