TVET holds the key to unlocking potential of youth- CEO of DTI

Bernard Kafui Sokpe, Head of Brand Strategy at Brandmeister & CEO of Design & Technology Institute (DTI), Constance Elizabeth Swaniker

Founder and CEO of Design & Technology Institute (DTI), Constance Elizabeth Swaniker, has stressed that Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) hold the key to unlocking the potential of the youth, hence the need to open up the space to train more in that sector.

According to her well-designed all-grounded curriculum TVET provides young men and women with the necessary skills to unleash their abundant potential thereby creating jobs and improving livelihoods.

Additionally, she mentioned that the DTI has the vision to transform youth TVET livelihoods across West Africa and champion the movement to change the poor perception of TVET.

“Trainees at DTI obtain on-the-job training right from day one. They undertake the formal dual-TVET training at DTI and Accents and Arts (AnA) for 12 months and finish their education by undergoing a mandatory six-month workplace experience learning in industries in the country.

This exposes them to the world of work and transitions them to work either as employees or in some cases as self-employed individuals. We also ensure that we prepare all our learners for the future world of work by regularly examining the dynamics of the local and international labour markets,” she said.

The CEO made these remarks while speaking at the third graduation ceremony of DTI for the class of 2021/2022.

Team lead and Head of Brand Strategy at Brandmeister, Bernard Kafui Sokpe, in his remark stated that the biggest ingredient for graduates to evolve in life is the knowledge of failure and setbacks. Explaining that setbacks would toughen them while failure would also teach them life lessons.

About 110 learners graduated after pursuing an 18-month certificate programme in one of three courses namely: Precision Welding and Fabrication; Design Innovation; and Entrepreneurship.

“I can assure you that it is not easy to succeed out there but the skills you have acquired from the DTI are needed to make the world a better place for you. creativity with no purpose is like an uncontrolled flame and your skills will be of no use without proper application,” he said.

Mr Sokpe, who is also the former Senior Partner Manager of Twitter- Ghana, urged the graduates not to abandon their training rather they should merge both soft and hard skills to be able to evolve.

“In order to bolster your mindset to achieve success, my two ‘A’s to succeed in the world of work are adaptability and accountability. You have to brace yourself for the world out there, while also bracing yourself for the realities of life,” he added.

Miss Constance Swaniker, mentioned that from an initial cohort of 32 learners in 2019, they now have 227 learners. Additionally, the DTI is currently the only institution in Ghana accredited by the Commission for TVET (CTVET) to offer National Certificate Levels one and two in Welding and Fabrication.

“In the next two to three months, we also expect to receive National Certificate Levels one and two accreditations for the Design Innovation programme,” she said.

She said the Institute was keenly focused on enhancing the occupational and job creation prospects of the youth as part of their partnership with AUDA-NEPAD through the skills initiative for Africa (SIFA).

Miss Swaniker said DTI had received 150,000 euros to develop an industry-driven entrepreneurship curriculum in collaboration with Reach for Change.

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