Garden City University College holds 17th matriculation

President of GCUC, Prof Anthony Apeke Adimado delivering the matriculation speech

Garden City University College (GCUC), has held its 17th matriculation ceremony for new entrants into the 2022/2023 academic year.

The students, totalling 1,450 were matriculated into the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences and the GCUC Business School from their various campuses and learning centres in Kumasi, Takoradi, and Koforidua, among others.

The new President of GCUC, Prof. Anthony Apeke Adimado delivering his matriculation speech, urged the students to be mindful of their core mandate for enrolling in the school.

“This ceremony marks your formal admission into the respective programmes at GCUC. This is the much-desired opportunity for you to fulfil your dreams and aspirations. You have begun a new orientation in life. You are in the process of forging new relationships with persons from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. As fresh as all of you may be, I implore you to be receptive to all the good things that could come your way, whether in the lecture halls, library, or hostels.

As you all know, your primary assignment at GCUC is your academic pursuit. It is your commitment to your academic work that will determine the degree and level of your performance in all your assessments and examinations at the end of each semester,” he highlighted.

Some students of GCUC taking the matriculation oath

Prof. Adimado further advised the students not to allow peer influences to distract their attention from academic work as such influences can be counterproductive.

“GCUC, like other responsible institutions, is governed by rules and regulations. These rules and regulations guide your conduct and activities at this university. We have the student’s information handbook that serves as a guide and contains all the information a student needs to know about GCUC. These rules are not just cosmetic designs; they are meant to be obeyed. There are sanctions for violating them to enforce discipline in the system,” Prof Adimado added.

Touching on attaining the Presidential Charter by 2024, Prof Adimado was hopeful that with the right steps and focus, GCUC would attain the height as it will help improve learning in the university.

“So that is the immediate goal we have to pursue. We have to hit the ground running, look at what we have done in the past, the type of accreditation status we are in, the reaccreditation we have to do and many other red flags.

If we clear them, then we will know that the road is clear. The charter would give us room to do more innovative things,” he said.

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