AirtelTigo partners ISCC to create awareness on Sickle Cell Disease


AirtelTigo has partnered with the International Sickle Cell Centre (ISCC), for a sickle cell educational campaign on the wing of their award winning Corporate Social Responsibility, ‘AirtelTigo Touching Lives’.

The goal of this initiative is to raise public awareness on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), its impact, and empower persons living with the condition.

Speaking during the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of AirtelTigo, Leo Skarlatos said ‘AirtelTigo Touching lives’ focuses on areas including health, education, and social wellbeing among others. He added that the sickle cell disease affects an increasing number of people, yet it is relatively unknown to the public.

Sharing some effects of the disease on victims, he said: “The condition can interfere with many aspects of the patients’ lives, including their education, employment, and psychosocial development. We have always been passionate about impactful Corporate Social initiatives that directly or indirectly affect people positively.

We are happy to partner with ISCC to create awareness and sensitize the public on sickle cell Disease. It is our hope to ultimately help reduce the stigma around SCD whiles empowering and touching the lives of affected individuals.”

AirtelTigo is optimistic that airing the generated episodes of documentaries that feature real-life stories of individuals and families battling the condition, will send a message of hope to others living with SCD.

Lead Medical Expert driving the project and Founder of ISCC, Dr. Mary Ansong also revealed that the Sickle cell disease is very prevalent in Ghana, with one out of three Ghanaians being carriers of the AS or AC genotype and 18,000 children born annually with the disease.

She added that: “Unfortunately, many parents only discover their sickle cell genotype after the birth of a precious child with the condition. Nonetheless, SCD is not a death sentence. With early diagnosis, treatment, education and a supportive community, people living with the condition can enjoy full and healthy lives.”

Since ISCC’s inception in March 2021, they have screened 528 people from over 12 communities for their sickle cell genotype. They have also provided genetic counselling to all as well as offered the needed medical support to some affected individuals. The ISCC has educated close to 2000 people in-person on SCD and have had several media engagements as well.

“We are excited to launch our first educational campaign in collaboration with AirtelTigo Touching Lives. For this initiative. We believe our partnership with AirtelTigo, will also help us push the sickle cell disease agenda forward to impact many lives. Almost every Ghanaian knows someone who lives with sickle cell disease or has the sickle cell trait.

We hope that as the videos, radio audios and digital flyers, circulate on social media and other communication channels, these will change hearts, mindsets, perceptions and cause Ghanaians to be more aware of sickle cell disease as well as provide support to loved ones living with the condition,” she said.

The partnership has been designed to bring together medical experts, people living with SCD, relatives, caregivers, policy makers, advocates to tackle SCD and prevent social stigmatisation through education.

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