Ghana Digital Benchmark Report launch


Fast growing Media Consultancy firm, ON Media has collected data on 1,000 companies and ranked 100 for using digital media platforms to reach customers. The report considered the levels of visibility and engagement of top ten selected institutions across ten sectors of Ghana’s economy on their official pages on four social media platforms. The report reviewed their followership and engagement on the posts for the period of April, May and June 2022 and ranked them accordingly.

The review of the top ten institutions was done using two main criteria. First, a selection was carried out on ten key sectors in Ghana whose institutions maintain frequent interaction with the public by their products and services. Second, about 1,000 institutions in these sectors were reviewed, using their number of followers on four social media platforms. The ten sectors featured include media and communications, oil marketing, fast-moving consumer goods, banking, telecommunications and internet services, insurance, tertiary education, state-owned enterprises, hospitality and pharmaceuticals.

The four social media platforms considered for the review were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and the report considered contents like texts, still pictures, flyers, videos, and so on that were mostly uploaded as posts/tweets by the brands on their social media pages.

Social media marketing is a real time activity. as such, a real time measurement was used for the review. A period of three months (a quarter) was chosen so as to describe from a business perspective, how well a selected brand has performed in the second quarter of 2022. Also, it was intended to guide the decisions of brands in the remaining half year and the subsequent business year. A quarterly period is therefore long enough to assess the plan and strategy of a selected brand as it is coterminous with the time periods used in businesses operations.

The report also looked at the social media presence of 100 brand Chief Executives and/or Managing Directors and found that only 40 CEOs are actively visible and talk about their brands on social media.

This report has been inspired by the fact that globally sustainable businesses are data driven, encouraging Ghanaian businesses to follow suit. The report provides bespoke solutions for all brands to help them improve upon their digital footprints .The report identified that real brand visibility and engagement cannot only happen with the usual social media posting, but also with key strategies that will keep followers and clients attached to the brand.

The report found that a lot of brands in Ghana were not visible on social media and most brands did not have verified accounts on the four main social media platforms reviewed. It was identified that for some brands, existed on multiple handles bearing the same brand names on the same social media platform, thus making their search by prospective followers difficult and most brands did not also keep their pages active with contents, and did not engage the posts that they made.

The full report, which will be launched on October 15th, 2022 will give further details of the findings and recommendations to better enhance brands visibility on social media.

Below is the list of companies that were reviewed.


Rank CEO/MD Brand Name
1nd Mr Selorm Adadevoh MTN Ghana
2rd Mr Patrick Awuah Ashesi University
3th Ms Patricia Obo-Nai Vodafone Ghana
4th Mr Bice Osei Kuffour Ghana Post
5th Dr Hazel P. Berrad Amuah Prudential Life Insurance Ghana
6th Ms Beatrice Agyemang-Abbey Media General Group
7th Mr Daniel Wilson Addo Consolidated Bank Ghana
8th Ms Boatemaa Kakra O. Duffour-Nyarko Starlife Assurance
9th Mr Manish Nambiar Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel
10th Mr Gideon O. Ataraire Allianz Insurance Ghana


ON Media was established in 2015 under the Companies Act of the Republic of Ghana as a data driven communication. The company has since served the business community in Ghana and beyond with bespoke communications.

The company’s mission is to help businesses globally communicate value in the most compelling way using data. Our vision is to become the leading business communication and marketing brand in Africa, providing bespoke services to brands. We offer the following consultancy and services:

  1. Media communication strategy development
  2. Business writing (website contents, corporate profiles, reports, proposals, sales copy, speeches, and articles)
  3. Developing thought leadership programmes
  4. Developing manuals, magazines and books for corporates and individuals
  5. CSR communication and development plan
  6. Government relations and crisis communications
  7. Media buying and training for corporates and individuals
  8. Media monitoring
  9. Industry-specific press corps set-up
  10. Explainer videos and documentary films
  11. Digital public relations
  12. Business news contents and syndicated production
  13. Industry research and competitor analysis
  14. Business graphics production from company reports
  15. General printing


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