Title:              Critical Economic Issues for National Development, 2nd Edition

Author:          Dr. Emmanuel Acquah-Sam

ISBN:              978-9988-1-3736-6

Copy Right:   2022

Pages:                        436 pages

Printer:          Samico Mega Printing Press


Critical Economic Issues for National Development, 2nd Edition, will help the readers to critically and logically analyse and present economic issues in ways that will help them to contribute meaningfully to discussions about economic issues confronting the Economy of Ghana and developing economies.

The author opines that every physical activity revolves around Economics because it eventually either promotes the well-being of the people involved and society as a whole or worsens their plights. Again, citizens should not blame governments alone for the woes of their economies because the public, private, and external sectors work in tandem to determine the economic conditions of economies.

The LORD God of all flesh also rules in the affairs of the kingdoms of men. This book has sixteen well-written chapters on topical economic issues that feature prominently in academic circles, newspapers, radio, and television news and discussions. It is relevant for teaching and learning Economics, the Economy of Ghana, Development Studies, Business Studies, and Finance.

Moreover, the book will encourage more research into the topics discussed. Besides, government officials, politicians, policymakers, and business and corporate managers can use it to make rational decisions. It is in plain language to enable prospective readers use it to tutor themselves.

The chapters are replete with relevant economic theories, empirical research findings of past researchers, newspaper publications, technical reports of recognised institutions, and specific domestic and global economic events that supported the cogent analyses, arguments, and conclusions on the objectives the author set out in the chapters. Generally, the book uses a narrative overview approach to expatiate the topics.

The topics the book covers include: the roles of governments and the private sector in inclusive, sustainable economic growth and development; the ramifications of rising national debts; the role of finance in promoting financial independence and economic growth; the alternative sources of financing government expenditure; the effects of foreign direct investments on economic growth, and oil and gas production and management in Ghana, the financing of small and medium-scale enterprises and startups, the evaluation of the effects of uncompleted government infrastructural projects; developing an economy beyond aid, and the lessons from the development ideologies of capital accumulation, state planning, and self-sufficiency. Other topics in the book are the obstacles to the economic growth and development of Ghana, the promotion of agriculture and food security in Ghana, the economics of shutting down business enterprises, the industrial development trajectory in Ghana, and the effects of sports development on economic growth and development of developing economies.

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