AD DJ & friends lit patrons at Ballantine’s YKTFV Jungle Rave


In an era where the nightlife scene is evolving and expanding, AD DJ seems to be ahead of the curve. With planning, preparation and swift execution, AD did it again; and this time, YKTFV (Jungle Rave) was taken to even bigger heights, literally.

Technical issues couldn’t stop the show – OJ warmed up the crowd for the first two hours, setting the pace for the night.

Taking place on the hills of Aburi, Ghana’s Party Queen, Mz Orstin, lit the atmosphere up with a colourful display of music and turntable magic which, of course, she did effortlessly. DJ The Bryte Guy mixed and blended songs to perfection, thrilling eager music lovers.

Back from his trip to South Africa, award-winning MC Kojo Manuel was the official Hype-man for the night, making the crowd go wild. Cheers and screams erupted when the People’s Champ arrived behind the decks for the ultimate climax of the night, and spread genres across AfroBeats, Hip Hop, Amapiano and Dancehall, displaying his limitless versatility.

After catching up with AD DJ, he stated: “We’re just tried to be daring, to change the scene in partying and experiences when it comes to stepping out. So, I made sure from the very beginning that this was an experience. If you check, we’ve always called this a musical experience’.

“We had a whole new set-up for this one – we took it to the jungle. We made sure we raved. Getting more than 700 people was really an experience because we sold out within two hours. Moving that many people from Accra to an unknown location for the first time is amazing work,” said AD DJ.

AD DJ says he is poised to host the third volume of YKTFV, but that information is under wraps. YKTFV Jungle Rave was sponsored by Ballantine’s True Music, and supported by iMullar Sound System, Vibes Station, Cult Energy, YFM and ETV Ghana.

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