See diversity as learning opportunities – Dr. Lydia Mosi


… at 95th Speech and Prize Giving Day of Achimota School

A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, who is a member of the Old Achimotan Association (OAA), Dr. Lydia Mosi, has urged individuals, especially students, to see differences or diversity as an opportunity to learn.

She said this will encourage peaceful co-existence and help appreciate how uniquely talented every individual is.

“Differences in race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political preferences, and other ideologies become interesting learning opportunities. Diversity makes us learn new things from different cultures and backgrounds, and helps us appreciate how uniquely talented every individual is,” she said.

She advised them to embrace diversity, practise inclusivity, and be aware of common experiences as members of school, the community, as Ghanaians, as Africans and as global citizens.

“In Achimota School, we are taught not to discount our differences; but to celebrate them. We are taught to show up with confidence and pride in who we are and to appreciate and accept the uniqueness of everyone, every culture and every system we are blessed to experience,” she added.

Dr. Lydia Mosi further noted that the act of embracing diversity runs through the journey of life, reminding the students that beyond the walls of the school, it is essential to surviving in other jurisdictions.

“When you are out of school and into the real world, some of you will have the opportunity to live in faraway corners of the globe where you will be required to thrive and to contribute to cultures and societies completely different from your own,” she said.

As the keynote speaker, she was speaking on the theme ‘95 Years of Excellence: the Past, the Present and the Future’, and indicated that the speech was relying on the words of one of the founding fathers of Achimota, Rev. Alec. G. Fraser, who composed the popular School song, ‘from Gambaga to Accra’, and called for all to embrace diversity.

She encouraged the students to take advantage of being a product of the school, and with the knowledge gained contribute to development, the Ghanaian society and the world at large.


She reiterated that as several year-groups celebrate milestones such as anniversaries, they undertake legacy projects which are all capital-intensive initiatives to give back to the school, and that projects are underway to further improve on the Achimotan experience. However, as they work toward the centenary celebrations of the school, “it may be time to expand the tradition of giving back beyond the school to the surrounding communities”.

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