Motoring with Bob Roco Romeo: MAX makes major move into local market, aims to create 3,000 jobs


Leading mobility and technology company, MAX has announced its entry into the Ghanaian market with the appointment of David Hoyme as Director of International Growth and Expansion.

Announcing MAX’s entry into the Ghanaian market at a brief news conference in Accra, Hoyme said the company’s entrance into the market is expected to create about 3000 jobs for the teeming unemployed youth.

He said the quick adoption of MAX in Nigeria was an indication that other markets are ready to receive the company.

“MAX was founded with the vision to provide affordable and accessible mobility to all commercial drivers who want to be part of the gig economy in Africa, and these solutions extend to every sector and will require consistent innovation and home-grown solutions,” he stated.

Given the above, MAX said Hoyme decided to aggressively expand across Africa, with Ghana being one of the key expansion markets, adding that the pillar of that expansion “is our key mobility strategy where MAX is looking to introduce electric vehicles into the African market. And we have great expectation for Ghana to be one of the key areas where we will be introducing those electric vehicles as well”.

Giving highlights of what to expect of MAX in Ghana, Head of Country Operations, Prince Amatey, said the company will be financing the purchase of electric vehicles for commercial riders or Okada riders in the country.

“By financing, it’s like the normal work and pay that we know in Ghana. We give them the vehicles, they work with it and pay for it over time,” he explained, adding that the company expects to expand the usage of these electric bikes across the length and breadth of the country.

On his part, Tolu Williams, Head of E-mobility at MAX, said: “The official roll-out in Ghana is a necessary step on the mission to address the perennial problems around urban and rural mobility across the African continent.”

Williams said that MAX has been able to establish a vehicle subscription service to address affordability for drivers and provide employment. Features like the e-wallet and other benefits also seek to solve the problem of financial inclusion for operators in rural areas.

According to Williams, MAX’s entry into Ghana and planned expansion to other countries is an indication of its readiness to help Africa embrace a future of renewable energy driven by electric vehicles.

“A lot of the problems we face today as a continent are rooted in mobility. We believe that the future of innovation and sustainable growth in Africa will rest on access to sectors like education, health and finance – all driven by mobility. This is why we are committing significant resources and establishing long-term partnerships with some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers to bring sustainable mobility solutions to people in urban and rural areas,” he stated.

Originally known for its widely popular motorcycle-hailing service, MAX has evolved into a multi-sector solution provider, promoting financial inclusion and sustainability.

About MAX

MAX is a pioneer in commercial electronic vehicle technology for transportation in Africa. Founded by Tayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh, the company offers commuting alternatives for drivers and people across sectors, with an emphasis on speed, safety and sustainability.

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