Zipline Rolls Out Graduate Talent Programme to Enhance Employability


Instant logistics delivery giant, Zipline, has announced the start of its Graduate Talent Programme which is aimed at equipping fresh  graduates in Ghana with industry experience and career development opportunities.

The 12-month long training programme forms part of the national service of the graduates and has already recruited  twenty national service persons who have been posted across all six distribution hubs of Zipline.

According to Jonas Manu-Essamoah, the People Partner at Fly Zipline Ghana, the programme is in line with the company’s efforts  at complementing the academic training of graduates, especially those in remote communities, with enhanced skills to give them a competitive edge for future job searches. He said  that practical hands-on experience is critical to developing the competency and productivity of graduates for growth, sustainability and development.

“As part of our long-term growth, sustainability and development plan, we are rolling out the Graduate Talent Programme to give access to fresh graduates from various levels of the tertiary education sector to learn on-the-job while also providing the opportunity to work with  world-class industry leaders, ” said Mr. Manu-Essamoah. “This is our way of empowering and preparing graduates within the communities of our operations for future job prospects and career progression. Going forward, Zipline will  commit at least 30% of vacancies within the company for service persons each year.  This, we hope, will accelerate the country’s talent development in drone technology, as well as other areas within our operational focus”.

The beneficiaries of the programme will receive training in five areas of Zipline operations. These areas include  flight operations; fulfilment operations; logistics and supply chain; communication integration support and research analysis.

Since it began operations in Ghana in 2019, Zipline has trained and employed close to 500 Ghanaian graduates in specialised areas of operation.This has provided sustainable jobs in communities and has led to deepened understanding of drone use in the country.

Eva Hackman, one of the shortlisted applicants in an interview, expressed her appreciation to Zipline for the initiative. She said  it was a priced opportunity to make it among the list of first graduates for the maiden edition of the programme. She believes the program will offer her the hands-on experience as  required by most global employers.

Zipline is supporting  nations to pioneer their own industrial revolution, by harnessing technology to develop humanitarian solutions for the continent using drones.  Since marking operations in Rwanda and Ghana, several other African countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire have embraced the technology to support the supply chain processes. To increase the interest of people in drone use, more technical assistance would be required in the field of industrial experience to offer training and mentorship and  deepen the growth of the industry not just in Ghana but the continent as a whole.

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