AfricaWorks launches a New Business Service in Accra


Following Its success and growing business community across the continent,  AfricaWorks is set to launch a new HR service in Partnership with ResourcePro.

AfricaWorks has  announced a new partnership with ResourcePro. This partnership will offer its Members in Accra a full-fledged suite of HR & Talent services: recruitment, training, payroll, HR outsourcing, and more.

While it starts in Accra. AfricaWorks’ ambition is to roll out this new service offering across the Continent in 2023 leveraging Tech platforms.

“This is a key milestone in AfricaWorks’ journey to improve the ease of doing business in Africa, one step at a time! We look forward to catering to all the amazing professionals out there. We know that with the right tools, and the right opportunities, people will do and become more.” says Gregoire Schwebig, Founder and CEO at AfricaWorks.

“Recognizing talents that will grow businesses, companies, and industries, developing and measuring the quality of their performance for continuous productivity has always been our business in Nigeria, and now, with AfricaWorks, we’ll do it across Africa.” says Chinwe Udo-Davis, Founder and CEO ResourcePro.

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