Growing a world of success through humility


…Rt. Rev. Mrs. Patricia Sappor shares life hacks on the Y Leaderboard Series

Renowned Ghanaian motivational speaker, Bishop and immediate past President of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Right Reverend Mrs. Patricia Sappor, featured on the latest episode of the Y Leaderboard Series with host Rev. Erskine.

In a gripping conversation on Y107.9 FM’s ‘Myd Morning Radio Show’, the distinguished banker shared her fondest childhood memories, education and family life mantra. The celebrated Christian leader, speaking about her childhood days, expressed how growing up in both Tamale and Accra shaped her. According to the Reverend Minister, her family – with nine siblings – was steeped in and groomed through the Christian faith.

“I was born in Tamale. My parents were in Tamale, my dad was a civil servant so he worked at the then Public Works Department (PWD) in Tamale. My mother was an entrepreneur and trader. Up until the age of six, I was in Tamale and later moved to Accra.

“That was when the Accra lifestyle took over. We were 10 siblings in total, 6 girls and 4 boys. Right now we are six, and all is well. We are actually a Christian family and we were brought up in the fear of God. So right from childhood, we were taught the word of God, taught to pray together, and prayed every morning as a family,” she shared.

“I will say we were financially sufficient. I wouldn’t say that we were fabulously rich. We were able to enjoy our basic necessities, and we weren’t in a sort of real need. We didn’t have to struggle, and that gave us the opportunity to stay focused,” she continued.

Mrs. Patricia Sappor recounted how her entrepreneurial mother inspired her to be hardworking, committed and determined through the phases of life.

Having schooled at the Prince of Peace International School, and having her secondary education at the Labone Senior High School, the renowned banker moved to the United Kingdom (UK) for her tertiary education where she combined working at the popular KFC with education.

According to her, she built the foundation of her customer service prowess working at KFC, which contributed hugely to her role and advancement at Ecobank.

Touting KFC as a hub of customer service training, she said: “I loved working at KFC, and the kind of training I was put through was the best. I learnt a lot about customer service at KFC. Putting everything together, I think working at KFC was a good place for my career advancement. I can say it played a key role in my advancement at Ecobank”.

She charged the youth to be prepared to make sacrifices because, for her, one cannot achieve enviable success in their respective career without sacrifice.

With over 22 years of working experience with Ecobank, she describes the work environment as one which compels passion and dedication.

“At Ecobank, the passion to get the work done and achieve set goals compel staff to go over and above in performing their roles. I made a lot of sacrifices and always had to make a suitcase ready for travel at any time. So, my life was literally in the air at all times, and that was one of the sacrifices I made,” he told Rev. Erskine.

Being away most of the time, the banker made sure to spend every time she was home with her family, creating unforgettable moments with them. She believes that a career-focused woman cannot do away with her family.

“The family is very integral in everyone’s life, and I don’t see how one can live without the family. As much as possible, the family must be a part of all you do. As women and young people, you need your parents’ support and that of your siblings. So when I got married someone called me and told me that so far as I had my mother alive, I should have all my children. The family is important in achieving your career as a woman,” she said.

Speaking on women in politics, she identified fear as one of the stumbling blocks to women ascending political and leadership heights.

She claimed that women tend to be cautious of conflict, which keeps them out of political and leadership roles. “Fear is a major stumbling block for women in the pursuit of politics and leadership. We don’t want any troubles and because of how we are wired naturally, we don’t want to be in positions where we will be attacked here and there. But I believe women are capable of achieving so much in the political space and other leadership roles,” she added.

The Christian leader continued as she described career migration as a part of career advancement. She further advised the youth to be critical in their consideration.

Programmes Manager of Y107.9 FM-Accra, Eddy Blay, after the interview, expressed that it was a great pleasure to host Mrs. Patricia Sappor. “I believe the Ghanaian youth, after listening to this achiever will be more than inspired and fortunate,” he added.

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