Ocean Network Express team visits MPS Terminal 3


The senior leadership team of Ocean Network Express (ONE) have paid a visit to Meridian Port Services Ltd. (MPS) Terminal three on Wednesday at Port Tema.

The leadership were taken through a boardroom presentation & discussion and then proceeded to tour the MPS Terminal 3 Facility.

During the Boardroom presentation, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MPS, Mr. Mohamed Samara, impressed on his visitors the superior technology deployed in the Terminal and the successes chalked up by MPS in promoting Tema Port as a trade hub.

He intimated that there is a high trade potential in the African sub-Saharan region and MPS is poised to facilitate that trade for economic and social gains. He outlined the steady growth in transhipment volumes since MPS was named a transhipment hub by some shipping lines.

“MPS has been keen on cutting down avoidable costs for the shipping lines and consignees from the very beginning. With this we ensured costs like congestion surcharges were removed, and deployed a robust berthing window agreement that allows shipping lines predictability, productivity and reliability in being attended to when the vessels arrive. The added value at MPS Terminal 3 secured considerable transhipment volume from/to Nigeria, Ivory Coast and primarily the trade between South America and the Far East,” he said.

The CEO of MPS added that although global trade may have taken a dip, it is expected that there will be a rise in trade over the coming months.

The Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Curtiss Dakpogan, mentioned to the audience that MPS thrives on guaranteeing the safety and security of cargo with the use of high-level technology which automatically identifies and tracks every container within the facility, and is keen on building up its capacity.

“Our current yard capacity is hovering around 2 million TEUs, and in the future we are looking forward to about 3.3 million TEUs: so we are working on the yard space behind the 4th berth to accommodate the new cranes we have on order.”

Mr. Michael Durant Cooper, Managing Director of ONE Ghana who led the delegation to MPS, revealed that leadership of ONE are developing its strategic plan for the next few years; and realising the key role of MPS Terminal 3 within then sub-region, had to pay a visit to determine what business decisions can be made to benefit both parties and expand their network.

Dwelling on different aspects of MPS operations and management culture, the leadership of ONE stated their positive impressions of the comprehensive and productive system run by MPS.

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