530 benefit from Gold Fields Foundation-Rotary Club of Tarkwa medical outreach programme


Five hundred and thirty people within the Prestea-Huni Valley Municipality of the Western Region have benefitted from a medical outreach programme organised by Gold Fields Ghana Foundation and the Rotary Club of Tarkwa.

The people were screened and tested for malaria, hypertension, general body pains as well as examination of the breast, among others.

At the end of the screening, the common diagnoses were on muscle pain, gastritis, eye infection, malaria, hypertension, asthma, breast pain, skin infection, waist pains, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), arthritis, peptic ulcer, and unary tract infections (UTI).

The rest were also on headaches, general body pains, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), vaginal infections, anaemia, scabies, gastroenteritis, diabetes, and conjunctivitis.

The beneficiaries were given medication by the doctors while others were referred to seek further assistance at the various hospitals in the municipality.

74 Women, who had their breast screened at the Huni-Valley Health Centre, had no suspected case recorded.

Gold Fields Ghana Foundation is investing over US$35,000 in this year’s event.

During the screening

Mrs. Catherine Kuupol Kuutor, Acting General Manager of Aboso Gold Fields Limited (AGL) -Damang Mine, in an address read on his behalf by Abdel Razak Yakubu, Community Affairs and Stakeholders’ Engagement Manager, mentioned that this is the fourth time the two organisations have collaborated in this exercise.

“Subri, Menhuntem, Koduakrom and Kwabenaho as well as Damang, Nyamebekyere, Atta-Ne-Atta and Amoanda communities have so far benefitted in this exercise. It is our hope that in subsequent years, we will also come to Abosso and Bompieso,” he said.

He explained that the medical outreach programme is aimed at bringing primary healthcare to the doorstep of the community people.

Through this programme, he said persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, among others have had their conditions diagnosed for the first time, and are put on life saving medications to prevent any complications.

Mr. Yakubu expressed appreciation to the chiefs, queen mothers, assembly members, unit committees, youths and women’s groups for their support over the years.


Desmond Maclean Arthur, President of the Rotary Club of Tarkwa, said Rotary and Goldfields Foundation have a common purpose, which is to help society to develop; and that is the reason for the collaboration.

“Often times, it feels like diseases are very far from us, but the truth is it is always closer than we think. So, it is very important for us to check on our health regularly to know our status,” he said.

He explained to the community members that Rotary is made up of professionals who come together to help society in any means possible.

“We come together to fight diseases, promote peace, support education, provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene, protect the environment, among others,” he added.


Dr. Patience Yeboah, who was at the medical screening, counselled the community members to take their healthcare seriously, especially those who had high blood pressure.

“High blood pressure cannot be cured but managed. Eat healthy diet by choosing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, fish and low-fat diary food, limit alcohol intake and drink a lot of water, and exercise regularly. Get plenty of potassium from natural sources, which can help lower blood pressure.”

She praised Gold Fields Foundation for their continued support to the communities over the years. “I am a scholarship beneficiary of Gold Fields Scholarship Scheme, from the SHS through to my Medical School and other areas, Gold Fields, has been very instrumental in my development”, she concluded.

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