Be willing to break new moulds of opportunities and ideas –Stanbic Bank CE


Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank, Kwamina Asomaning, has urged university graduates to take advantage of the myriads of opportunities available in the world today to create new opportunities and ideas.

Speaking at the 21st graduation and 32nd matriculation of the Catholic University of Ghana in Fiapre, Mr. Asomaning noted that the current economic turbulence may be the best time to experiment with ideas. He said: “With the current turbulence, this may be the best time to experiment with the many thoughts running through your mind. Be willing to break a new mould of opportunities and ideas. This is important because the world has redefined work as no longer a place you go, but a thing you do”.

Kwamina Asomaning, who was the Guest Speaker at the event, added that: “This paradigm shift increases the opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial dreams across many fields. The ongoing revolution is creating opportunities for human interactions and new business models, and reshaping the way firms compete with one another. The founders of Facebook and Apple broke new moulds to establish their companies”.

The Stanbic Bank Chief Executive also urged the graduates to take advantage of freely available online tools to develop themselves in order to stay relevant in a fast-changing digital era. According to Mr. Asomaning, “The world is more digital than ever before. Facebook did not exist when I graduated, and neither did Uber, TikTok, Google, nor Alibaba. Linkedin, Youtube and Khan Academy existed. For those of you desirous of adjusting your sails to become more relevant in this new digital paradigm, there is good news.

“Opportunities exist for you to gain proficiency in highly sought-after disciplines in areas such as Coding, Web and App Design, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. The Internet is awash with free tools on Google, LinkedIn Learning, Amazon and Web Services to chart a new path for your careers,” he added.

Mr. Asomaning further advised the graduating students to trust in God to direct their paths as they begin their individual journeys after school. “If you put your trust in Him, He’ll direct your path to adjust your sails. He will also equip you with the qualities that you need to undertake your voyage successfully,” he said.

Earlier this year, the Catholic University of Ghana received the Presidential Charter to operate fully as an autonomous university, awarding its own diplomas and degrees. Over 1,000 students graduated with various degrees in the Sciences, Education and Humanities. The university was incorporated on 17th August, 2001 with affiliations to the University of Ghana for undergraduate programmes, and the University of Cape Coast for postgraduate programmes.

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