This Week on Miss Malaika Ghana – The Fashion Show Episode!!

  • “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren.

On this episode of Miss Malaika Ghana, we talk elegance, class, catwalk, poise, glamour, beauty, creativity, style, attitude and most importantly, we talk fashion! The delegates have 3 different tasks for this fashion show; create 3 different looks using GTP fabrics i.e., Quick Fix, Brunch date with male companion and finally, Gown befitting an Emerald Queen.

First Look; In groups of 4, delegates were tasked to nominate one member each to model the runway whiles the other 3 pin or make a dress with GTP fabrics on the model live on stage. With each group given 3 minutes on stage to produce the most creative outfit, the delegates indeed have their hands full.

Second Look; I personally call this, time out with Bae *winks*. The delegates are tasked to design a Sunday brunch inspired outfit for a date with Bae or Male Bestie. They co design with seasoned designers and catwalk their designs, and guess what, they do it with ‘supposed’ bae on the runway! Talk of walking the talk.

Third and final Look; the delegates have been on your screens for weeks and with few days to crowning the queen, they are tasked with co designing a gown fit for an Emerald queen. Design a gown you would like to be crowned in as a queen – whew! Now this is a big one.

Sitting in and serving as our ‘fashion police’ are; Ama Sarpong – 2010 winner, Trudy Boateng – 2009 1st runner up, Abrantie the Gentleman – renowned fashion designer and a rep from GTP, Behidja Ama Asare. With Ace broadcaster, Naa Ashorkor at the helm of affairs.

Who becomes our fashionista of this episode? Catch this episode this Sunday on GHOne TV and Mx24 at 9pm and streaming on YouTube: CharterhouseLive and Facebook: Miss Malaika Ghana.

To vote your favorite to ensure their continuous stay in the competition and subsequently becoming the next Miss Malaika Queen, simply dial *711*80# and enter the delegate’s code. Visit Miss Malaika Ghana official pages on all socials for more.

Miss Malaika Ghana is a Charterhouse production and is proudly sponsored by GTP, Club Shandy, and Vodafone with support from Lux, Pepsodent, Vaseline, Locus Estate, Pleasant Gardens and Garnier.

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