MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: A mystery today


Many of us living in life think there is a mystery to it. Why so? Because there are things that seem unexplainable. For instance, just within a twinkle of an eye you were with a friend, you left to get water returned within a moment, to hear he is dead! You wonder how, how can this be? Then you conclude, O life is so much full of mystery.

No wonder there is what is called pathology, which deals with the causes and effects of diseases.

Another case in point is a graduate who just exited the university, got employed, and within a matter of months became one of the top executives; and the others wonder how can this be? There is more to it than it meets the eye; it is a mystery – for the life of me this is impossible.

In addition, a person very well-known within a community gets rewarded in monetary terms overnight through a raffle or lottery, and it is such a mystery in the community. The people then say: “As for this, it is his destiny, it is God o! How can such and such a person earn this amount? This is a mystery!”

All right, so what is a mystery? Something that is difficult and impossible to understand or explain.

Can this actually be true?

Well, I think it is not true.

Whoever thought that within seconds, a corn can be turned into popcorn within a microwave?

Who thought that mobile phones can connect people all over the world within seconds?

Whoever thought that within seconds you can buy an item of your choice from all over the world from the comfort of your home via the Internet?

Just before the 17th & 18th centuries, there was darkness all over, which was a mystery in the entire world but today it is no more a mystery; for electricity and light have been discovered courtesy of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.

While electricity and light are being produced consistently elsewhere in the world, it is still a mystery for Ghana to totally eradicate darkness even though in the near future it would happen.

So you see, what you think is a mystery today is not really the case. It is just because you haven’t discovered the solution yet.

The very nature of man is to understand everything, hence, science inquest.

Wondering how to take away the mystery from your life?

Always know there is a cause and effect to whatever happens around you; therefore, it is explainable.

Always know everything is discovered. In other words, it is no more hidden or covered because it is waiting for you to find or locate it, or better still come across it.

Finally, learn to endure, be patient and don’t emotionally react to anything. “Yes, anything” – not even a news of death. Have you not heard or read about people who were meant to have died but later on were discovered to be in coma?

No matter how mysterious a problem might sound, never ever say it is mysterious; rather, there is a solution and I have discovered it. For there is nothing hidden that shall not be disclosed, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come out into the open.

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