SIC Life enlightens staff on breast cancer


…to commemorate Breast Cancer Month

As part of its initiatives toward commemorating Breast Cancer Month in Ghana, female employees of SIC Life Insurance Company Limited have been enlightened on issues that can reduce the adverse effects of this health condition which has proven to be one of the most fatal for women worldwide.  Last week, a half-day enlightenment programme was organised by the company under the auspices of SIC Life Ladies Association, and was held at the company’s Training Centre. This was the 2022 edition of an annual event held by the company.

The enlightenment programme was executed by a selected group of medical professionals, and addressed the dangers of breast cancer, early warning signs, and measures that can be taken to avoid being afflicted by it.

Welcoming SIC female employees to the event, the company’s Head of Human Resources and Administration, Louise Agyeman-Barning, noted that: “Several women (wives, sisters and mothers) were not as privileged to see this year because they lost their lives to breast cancer. Behind the rising statistics and numbers that we have become accustomed to hearing and painting the town pink… are people, names and families grieving their loved ones because of this terrible disease”.

“She warned participants at the event that ‘breast cancer is a daily fight, not an annual observance. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women globally, and is fast rising in low and middle income countries. The odds are stacked against us. Women need to be knowledgeable about their family history and their risks for breast cancer, how to lower their risks, and when and where to get a breast cancer screening. In fact, we should be able to examine ourselves so that we can sense when something is amiss.”

Actually, the interest of SIC Life and its other counterparts engaged in providing cover against personal health risks goes beyond the health of their own employees to that of their clients since breast cancer causes health costs and outright fatalities that translate into considerable claims payable by such life insurance companies.

Furthermore, last week’s event held by SIC Life showed that breast cancer affects men as well as women, albeit indirectly.

“Truth be told, the main beneficiaries of beasts are actually not women, and that is why men have a role to play. Not just so breasts can be preserved, but so life can also be preserved,” Louise Agyeman Barning advised. “Encourage your sister, girlfriend, wife or mother to get examined because early detection saves lives.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held all around the world during October every year. SIC Life has traditionally been one of the institutions that do the most to generate awareness of the dangers of breast cancer in Ghana and how to circumvent them.

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