All hands required to tackle economic hardship – Dr. Acquaye


The current economic challenges cannot be solved by the government and private sector alone, all stakeholders must play proactive roles to rescue it, the Chief Executive Officer of Business and Financial Times, Dr. Godwin Acquaye has said.

He added that stakeholders and respective authorities championing discussions in that regard also ought to be intentional, and purposeful in their deliberations.

“First, we must know these challenges cannot be solved by the government alone or by the private sector or civil society. We need collaborative efforts,” he said.

“We need to be optimistic and have hope even as the country is going through these challenges, the future does not just happen, it is dependent on our collective actions today. Let us be intentional and purposed through our discussions for collaboration, and stakeholder responsibilities and come out with impact-related actions,” he added.

He made these remarks at the B&FT annual Ghana Economic Forum held in Accra on the theme “Building a robust and resilient economy through technology, finance, investment, trade, and entrepreneurship”.

The programme will focus on key areas of the theme and will address the issue of high inflation, High-interest rates, unsustainable debt levels and low economic growth.

Dr. Acquaye further stressed the need to support young entrepreneurs in the country by providing them access to innovative finance, market and business development services to expand their enterprises and create work opportunities for them and their peers.

This he said is critical to the country’s development and an extent the economy’s recovery

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