The Bank Hospital moves into ambulance service


The Bank Hospital has made its ambulance service available for the coordination and provision of emergency medical care and transportation of the sick or injured persons who need immediate medical care.

The Bank hospital provides world-class advanced life support (ALS) ambulances equipped with ICU medical equipment such as the and professionally trained paramedics who are committed to meet patients at the point of their needs.

It gives you quality pre-hospital emergency health care and health transport to appropriate health facility for further management.

The Bank hospital’s ambulance services include inter-hospital patient transfer; pre-hospital emergency care to accident victims (road traffic, Domestic, Industrial, Medical etc.; and transporting accident victims from the scene of an accident to an appropriate health facility.

Other services are transporting of patients for diagnostic studies (X-ray, MRI, CT- Scan, Laboratory Studies etc.); standby emergency cover at mass public meetings and gatherings; health transport for patients discharged from the hospital to their residence

Patients who patrol the ambulance service must provide specific details about the location (address) of the incident or potential patient (Provide landmarks); specific details of the incident; speak clearly and calmly to the person taking your call; and specific details about the contact person (name and telephone number). Make sure that the telephone line is available until the ambulance arrive at the scene.

About The Bank Hospital 

The Bank Hospital was set up as a Bank Clinic in 1987 and has since then enormously transitioned into the mind-blowing edifice in existence today. Over the 34-year period of growth, the facility has moved from outpatient facilities and limited operations to a Medical Facility with both in-and out-patient with comprehensive facilities. The Bank stands tall in first class commitment, competence and compassion in healthcare.

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