Strategic investment in green jobs is crucial – Deputy CEO of NYA


The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority, Akosua Manu, has urged world leaders and investors to channel resources into green jobs. She made these remarks at a panel discussion at the just-ended Blue Earth Summit in Bristol in the United Kingdom.

The politician/climate activist opined that government, the private sector, and relevant stakeholders must allocate grants to young people, especially those in rural areas, to accelerate youth innovations and initiatives on climate change. She further called for the empowerment of the youth to take up green jobs, and provide the necessary resources to create a green economy.

“I believe that young people have the capacity to effect change through creativity and innovation. They need to be supported with funding and resources to enable them to champion the green economy,” she emphasised.

The Deputy CEO of the National Youth Authority further urged developed countries to fulfill their financial commitments and pledges toward addressing climate change. She reiterated that developing countries in the global south are the hardest hit by climate change, and require urgent funding to develop adaptation strategies. She also called for global north-global south collaboration to address climate change effectively.

Akosua Manu hinted at efforts by the National Youth Authority to collaborate and support young climate activists to champion Ghana’s climate agenda. According to her, the National Youth Authority, under the leadership of its CEO, Pius Enam Hadzide, is committed to advancing the work of climate activists and youth-led organisations in Ghana. This was evident in the NYA’s sponsorship and participation at the just-ended Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change (LCOY Ghana).

Speaking on the issue of illegal mining in Ghana, she reiterated government’s commitment to addressing the menace. She further argued that tackling illegal mining and other environmental crimes requires a concerted effort.

The Deputy CEO of the National Youth Authority shared the stage with Nadia Owusu, (Youth Advocate), Abraham Bugre (climate change consultant and researcher), and Emmanuel Ameyaw (Ghanaian journalist and Communications Specialist). They espoused diverse stories on climate reality in the global south and youth mobilisation for climate action.

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