Ojimah leads the charge to position Africa as a unique tourism destination


Given that the media even in Africa seems to focus on negativity, especially when it comes to Africa, the continent is looked at with the wrong glasses on – thus feeding stereotypes and myths.  As a result, success stories and growth in African nations are not given much relevance.

This unfortunately positions the continent as one with no microphone of its own to tell its stories the way it wants them told.

However, to allow Africans share their true stories with the world, Ojimah has taken it upon itself to create a platform that champions the cause.

With the ultimate vision of positioning Africa as a unique tourism destination, Ojimah’s mission is to increase awareness of Africa among its regional and global audiences and attract tourists to the continent.

“We are an ecosystem of solutions created to mitigate travel problems in the global new normal and to create a win-win for industry players, travellers and African destinations.”

Aside from easing the planning process and experience of global travel, Ojimah also highlights Africa as a safe, comfortable and unique travel destination.

With a multichannel platform aimed at developing the economy of Africa through sustainable tourism, Ojimah provides over 350 airlines, close to 1.3 million hotels and over 200,000 activities on its platform.

In addition, its unique user-centric interface offers destination guides, automated visa services, access to airport lounges, travel insurance, e-SIM, and automatic check-in among others.

“At Ojimah, we are convinced that the power of tourism – one of the most dynamic economic activities of our time – can effectively address some of the current issues the continent is facing.

“We aim to boost employment of the youth population, empower more women in high positions, drive economic growth through the creation of jobs within the local businesses in our communities, and promote and improve regional and domestic tourism through partnerships with government officials, tourism boards and intergovernmental organisations.

“We all make choices every day, and the knowledge that positive choices can impact society is encouraging. By showcasing stories of unity, solutions, transformation and optimism, we hope to inspire others to create change by seeing and hearing that change is possible. With Ojimah, we intend to put Africa on the global stage – but this time for the best reasons!” it stated.

Ojimah stands for ‘collective work and responsibility’ and is therefore open to the support and partnership of all stakeholders with the same vision and drive.

It believes the African narrative must be changed for the better. To be a part of our Trybe, please visit www.ojimah.com

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