Chroma unveils new branch at Osu

Eldridge Afari, Managing Partner/Head of Marketing and Communication

Chroma, a digital solutions company, has officially unveilled its new office at Osu – making it the third in addition to Tema and Kokomlemle branches.

The Osu Prestige Branch is the first Chroma Franchised Module that has been successfully rolled out.

According to the head of operations and partner for Chroma Digital Solutions, Kwame Owusu-Kwarteng, the franchised Module seeks to help investors who are interested in the print industry but have “little to no knowledge” on how to run and sustain the business.

“Chroma comes in to assist with our proven track-record; we provide in-depth experience, advanced technology and processors, the training and qualified personnel to successfully run a digital print company,” he said.

Kwame Owusu-Kwarteng, Managing Partner/Head of Operations

A franchisee of the Osu Prestige branch, Bernardsco Agyeman, mentioned that as an investor many factors were considered, and Chroma ticked all the boxes.

“We found it necessary to join Chroma because they stand for quality and improved service delivery as well as top-notch customer service. The company has been successful in all the branches they have opened, and also provide employment for the youth.”

He added that even though most organisations do not have the courage to franchise their businesses, Chroma has employed a strategic intent to grow and give new investors an opportunity to venture into the digital press industry.

Chroma provides exceptional and quality services – geared to care for small- to medium-size enterprises that are into food processing, manufacturing; and provide professional labelling with proper materials and technology for labels.

Usually, the standard for small to medium volumes is 100,000 and above labels; however, at Chroma the available digital technology makes it possible to print even a single label.

The managing partner of Chroma Digital Solutions, Eldrige Afari, stated that one major challenge the company faced was COVID-19, considering the ravages the pandemic caused a lot of businesses.

He added that even though the journey has not been a smooth one, through the friendship ties Chroma has built with its clients it will gradually sail through.

“We are actually not fully out of the woods, though. In as much as there are challenges, we believe that we still need to grow; hence this new branch. Our partners have been good to us in terms of giving us credit facilities, which is more of a cushion to young businesses like us,” Mr. Owusu-Kwarteng said.

He further appreciated and commended the employees for their immense dedication and contribution toward the company’s success.

“The employees are the unsung heroes who sacrifice their social lives to work extra hard to meet deadlines and make sure our clients have smiles on their faces. We started with three workers, but now we have more than 50 employees,” he said.

Chroma is a digital printing press, specialised in delivery of excellent and quality prints on paper, canvas media and envelopes for businesses and individuals. It was incorporated in 2015, and in the same year operations started.


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