Poetry Corner: A festival of mayhem 


Oh no!

They broke into my sacred grove

They stole my precious stones

My diamonds

My gold

Oh no!

I did all I could


I buried my precious stones in the heart of the earth

Deep in the boughs of the dusty earth

They  searched out


They found out

And now I weep


How they found out

I do not know

I did no wrong

I only looked the other way

Am I to blame?


I preserved my precious gems

For generations yet to come to live

I prayed the generation alive

To leave the gems alone

For those yet to come to live

The generation alive

Preyed on the gems at their whim

The generation alive

Did not quake at my whip


How they scooped the gems off the surface

How they gathered them to sell

I do know

I only let them be

So to let me be

Am I to blame?


I entrusted my precious stones to the custodians

The Chieftains

They who took custody as owners of the land

The land owners who called in the foreigners

The foreigners who called themselves partners


How they partnered to excavate

…then to repatriate

How they excavated to extract to export

…then to deport

I do not know

I only trusted my chief thieves

My Chieftains

They who showed no remorse

Am I to blame?


I buried my precious gems in the jaws of the law

Carefully penned down

Carefully hidden in the clauses

Continuously pinned down

Consciously defied

Carelessly misapplied


When they looked about

No law they found

Into the earth they dug deep

As I dozed off into a deep sleep


How they dug deep

I do not know

I only left the law resting in the clauses of the sub-sections

Am I to blame?


Oh no!

They desecrated my golden forests

They stole all my precious gems

My golden nuggets

My sparkling ornaments

Oh no!

I did all I could

(C) SKBissue October 2022

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