JAPTU enters agreement with RSMSL for mandatory truck towing program


The Joint Association of Port Transport Unions (JAPTU) Ghana has entered into an agreement with Road Safety Management Services Limited (RSMSL) to roll out the mandatory truck towing program.

Stakeholders within the maritime trade and road transport sectors assembled at a signing ceremony in Tema on Thursday, to mark the commencement of the program.

The program will see all truck owners benefit from truck towing and salvage services nationwide at an annual premium of 450 Cedis.

This agreement is expected to solve some of Ghana’s road safety challenges. One of such is the abandonment of trucks in the middle of highways and shoulders of roads, leading to risk of motor accidents and road congestions. The agreement will also relieve truck owners from the tedious process of securing an efficient, competent truck towing service provider and its associated costs.

For the maritime trade, efficient and competent towing services will mean shortened turnaround time for the delivery of cargo on land.

The Executive Secretary of JAPTU Ghana, Ibrahim Musa said “the most exciting thing about the agreement is that the Road Safety Management Services Limited will have to react to our requests within prescribed time. For example, if you are in a regional capital or district capital once you call the toll free number, within an hour they have to tow you to safety, where safety means anywhere suitable enough for truck to be repaired or in the case of salvage, tow the vehicle where it can be safely impounded. Where they are cargo, that is also safely secured.”

National Coordinator, Towing Services at RSMSL, DCOP Kwesi Fori Rtd. said his outfit has created a contingency operational plan locating accident-prone areas and areas vehicles often break down and placing their equipment at these other strategic areas in order to meet demand in an efficient manner.

Director, Research and Monitoring at National Road Safety Authority, Alexander Ayatah lauded the initiative saying it will contribute to the reduction of road accidents on Ghana’s highways.

Chairperson of the ceremony who is the Deputy Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Nana Esi Soderberg says the program will bring peace of mind to drivers, truck owners, road users and trading public while promoting trade facilitation.

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