BIB organises training for drivers of Lands Commission


Beulah Insurance Brokers has organised a two-day training for drivers of Lands Commission on causes of road crashes and safety tips to minimise road accidents.

The CEO of Beula Insurance Brokers, Cecilia Asiedu, noted that the training is basically to fulfill one of the core mandates of the organisation. Thus, to provide advisory service on insurance and risk management in order to reduce the risk exposure of clients and also increase no claim discount to save cost.

“We thought of giving our clients this exposure, believing that when their drivers are trained, it is going to reduce the carnage on the road, virtually save lives and subsequently reduce accident claims,” she said.

Insurance brokers liaise between insurance companies and clients and also serve as the representatives of the clients.

“Our services include assisting with prompt settlement of claims, providing competitive codes in the industry and giving advice to clients to mitigate risk exposure. All our services to the general public come at no cost,” the CEO of Beula Insurance Brokers stated.

The resource person of the training and head of claims at Allianz Insurance, Lante Tutuani, added that even though the training aims at reducing accident claims of clients, it is most importantly to reduce road accidents and save lives.

Additionally, Madam Cecilia Asiedu advised the general public to seek the services of insurance brokers when buying an insurance package in order to be educated on the types of insurance to purchase and from the appropriate insurance company.

The trainees also expressed gratitude to Beula Insurance Brokers and Lands Commission, and suggested that more of such educative trainings should be frequently organised for drivers.

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