Female medical doctors urged to look for alternative source income

Ashanti Regional President, MWAG, Dr. Adoma Odame

Medical Women Association of Ghana (MWAG), Ashanti Regional Chapter, has held a seminar to encourage members to look for other income-generating sources amid economic hardships in the country.

The seminar was dubbed: ‘Thrive, The Lady Doctor and her Side Hustle’.

The seminar was spearheaded by six women doctors who are also entrepreneurs with different kinds of niches, ranging from farming, clothing business, rehabilitating centres, among others.

They shared their experiences which led to establishing their business, challenges and their success stories.

Ashanti Regional President of MWAG, Dr. Adoma Odame, in a remark, noted that the seminar was necessary especially in these times where goods and services keep soaring with little or no increase in salaries.

She added that the seminar would give insight to what to expect when any of their members venture into any business since panelists had shared their experiences with them.

She was further optimistic that this would help prevent other members from making mistakes as they would learning from the experiences shared.

Dr. Odame further gave some tips to budding entrepreneurs.

“You should reinvest your profit. You need to know what you will do about your profit. You need to have a goal and a plan. Talk to experts and bring them in. We should guard our boundaries so that you don’t take on too much to break boundaries.”

Sharing her experience, Dr. Elizabeth Esi Crentsil, a Gynaecologist who is also into clothing marketing, said every individual has more than one potential in them. Therefore, a careful look into one’s ability will help them find other niches which can lead to business opportunities.

“Everybody has a passion. It is fulfilling because it makes me know that I am doing extra. I take delight in doing it; I don’t see it as stressful at all, it is very beneficial to me.

“Look for what you are passionate about and start developing it. Everybody has something in them, it is more than one. But sometimes, we narrow ourselves and get skewed to one thing. So, look inside and think; and it will surprise you to know necessity is the mother of invention. In your necessity, it will surprise you what you will be able to invent, and that might even be your main work,” she said.

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