Poetry Corner: Cap In Hand


There he goes

Head up

Shoulders high

Chest out

But cap in hand

The rich beggar


And there he goes

Dressed as designed

Dressed as advised

Addressed as dressed

The rich beggar


Long he walks

A gait to bait any who waits

Now he elects

Whom he has reason to reason with


The rich beggar


Long he talks

When he tells

A story to make them worry


The rich beggar


Sometimes he cries

To win crying eyes

From many dry eyes

Sometimes he tells lies

To wean weird sympathies

The rich beggar


Sometimes he begs

For as high as a working wage

Or as low as a pittance

Or as free as a grant

Or as nothing as a chance

The rich beggar


Oftentimes he knows

He knows their present prosperity

And their future fortune

So he solicits intensely



The rich beggar


Oftentimes he prays them

“Be my partner in development”

Oftentimes he offers

He offers anything in return

Oftentimes he is ready

Ready to do their bidding

Oftentimes he proffers

“You need not bid for anything”

The rich beggar


Sometimes he claims

He came from a land faraway

A parched land of famine

A land too parched for farming

Only to look for a grand benefactor

The rich beggar


Soon he laments

How he missed the mark

The mark set by the benefactor

By a hair’s breadth

The rich beggar


Soon he pledges

How he plans to get rid of a wide deficit

In his domestic pocket

His budget

The rich beggar


Now he pleads

So benefactor is not highhanded

So he is not stranded

So he is handed out some juicy handouts

The rich beggar


Still he needs

He needs something to feed

And to keep

The rich beggar


Oftentimes he stands affixed

Lest his needs go unfixed

Oftentimes he shouts his hoarse

When grand benefactor plays ball

Always going by a name

A name for a perennial cap juggler

The rich beggar


Now he showers words

Proudly he pours tons of praise

To remind benefactor

How kind

How gracious

How blessed

The rich beggar


Then he smiles

To know his spoils from his toils

His toils were worth their while

Now he walks in same course

Because it works

The rich beggar


Next you see

He is back in a drama



With a cap in each hand

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