Accra Brewery launches Eagle Counters Cash promo


Accra Brewery has launched a promotion dubbed: ‘Eagle Counters Cash’ promo.

This promotion seeks to remind Ghanaians that Eagle is the everyday man’s beer – it is strong, full-flavoured and always rewarding.

The promotion’s dynamics are simple and easy to follow.  For every bottle of Eagle Lager or Eagle Extra Stout purchased, the consumer stands a chance to win GH₵1 discount underneath the crown cork.

“Eagle is brewed with high quality Ghanaian cassava to reward and recognise the everyday pursuits and ambitions of the hard-working Ghanaian. We have always created value for our Eagle consumers with its rich ingredient mix, strong satisfying taste, and great price to reward their efforts. Therefore, we have come up with this national consumer promotion to continue to reward our loyal Eagle consumers, especially with the current economic challenges in Ghana,” says Mr. Galo Rivera, Country Director, Accra Brewery PLC.

The Eagle Counters Cash promotion will run from 1st September to 30th November, 2022.

Accra Brewery PLC is also known for its popular beverages such as Ghana’s best-selling beer – Club Premium Lager, Club Shandy, Eagle Lager, Eagle Stout, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Corona beer and Beta Malt.

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