Vittles 2022 held to celebrate local foods


Diffusion Limited, an Accra-based communications consultancy, has organised the 2022 edition of its food, film and fashion festival, also called Vittles Food Festival – first time since the last edition held in 2019.

The two-day event which came off in Accra was held to celebrate Ghanaian foods while promoting an inclusive and open society through fashion and film.

The festival’s organiser, Leroy Ankrah, said the goal is to bring together people from various backgrounds to interact, while providing an opportunity for them to showcase their progressive ideas through an immersive cultural experience of food.

“We wanted to get people to experience the best of what Accra has to offer in terms of food because most people will tell you that when they go out for entertainment, they eat. So the idea is to simply bring different people from diverse places together, allow them to experiment, meet new people, try new foods, and have fun with family,” he said.

 “We attempted to establish a pattern of doing three events per year. However, COVID arrived and we haven’t had an event since 2019. So we are back and ready to resume that functionality which has provided people with some fun activities to do every weekend,” he added.

On the first day, speaking on the outlined list of the festival, Mr. Ankrah mentioned that with previous events, there had been a variety of programmes; but this year’s version was going to focus more on fashion show and movie night, among other interesting things.

“We are going to have a fashion show. We will also have a short film festival; and aside from that, we will also have cooking competitions, eating competitions, showcases where people come and do things with maybe chocolate. This is just to give people something fun to do for the weekend, particularly for families so there is always a place for the children to play,” he added.

Mr. Ankrah stated that the organisation will continue to promote more of local contents and add innovative sessions to the festival to keep up with the trend while satisfying the needs of consumers.

“We added a few extras, such as the fashion show after noticing that we had a lot of vendors selling fashion-related items. We hope to do more things that focus more on local content because you also tend to get vendors who are selling things that they brought in from outside.

“But we want people to enjoy our food, and want them to enjoy the innovation that comes with our food. So our focus will be to promote more Ghanaian foods,” he said.

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