Nestle awards top five distributors with vehicles


To climax this year’s Distributors Conference and Awards, Nestle Ghana has awarded trucks to the top five distributors across the country for their immense contribution to the company for the 2021 year period.

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager for Nestle Ghana, Deborah Kwablah, said the award is also to encourage and cushion them to go the extra mile in terms of their coverage with distribution of Nestle products, and improve upon their efficient delivery.

“So for every year, when we do our Distributors Conference and Awards, we give our deserving distributors awards. This year, we have chosen to give them trucks because it’s a direct contribution to their business. They have trucks that go around the country or within their geographic location to distribute a product.

“And so when you add one more to their fleet, you have empowered their business. So it is to motivate them because the coverage is important, getting the product to where it needs to be is important, and we are happy that we are able to contribute to their business directly going forward,” she noted.

She added that the drivers were selected based on various Key Performance Index (KPIs), of which the five became winners.

Madam Kwablah, explaining the criteria from which they were selected, said: “There are a number of indicators that we look at to judge who the best distributors are is; we look at their warehousing, their coverage, how they manage their staff, and how generally they manage the vehicles.

“So these are indicators to show that this distributor means business, they are sustainable, and they want to invest into their business.”

Madam Kwablah encouraged other distributors to improve upon these indicators to enable them qualify for the years ahead. Among the top distributors that received the trucks are: Danmaud Company limited, Benbetty Enterprise, Ransbet 2003 limited, Mashayak Company limited, and Thonket Company limited.

Mrs. Maud Botwe of Danmaud Limited, who emerged the overall winner, expressed satisfaction on behalf of the other winners for the truck, and attributed the achievement to hard work and support from staff.

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