Academic Diary with Dzifa: It is a new term – are you ready?


Smart Look Up

  • Paying attention to the security and safety of school premises keeps staff and learners away from unforeseen circumstances
  • A well-structured term plan ensures an effective and efficient running of the term’s calendar
  • Getting enough supplies to run through the school term builds confidence in delivering all services

School breaks and holidays are definitely a refreshing time for school staff and learners to unwind. Sadly, or should I say happily, most basic schools will resume soon – starting from now to the start of next week. Anxiety for school owners, administrators, facilitators; and our ‘powerful’ learners might gradually be rolling in. Make mention of the early morning routines for staff, parents, guardians and learners. The late pick-ups and drop-offs, the strict supervision and the stuck of daunting new curriculum to gulp down. Quite a stressful workload, right?

It becomes even more frustrating not knowing how or where to start. Would you rather plan and leave loop holes, move with the wind, cross the bridge when you get there, or plan thoroughly? Anywhere you find yourself, you definitely have to make schedules and get your armour on to a great start of the school term.

Here are three great steps to take toward properly organising yourself at the start of a new term which is going to set the right tone for the whole term’s calendar.

Safety and security

It is the responsibility of school owners, administrators and facilitators to look out for the safety and security of learners and staff. Therefore, looking out for the maintenance and good functioning of security and safety features and devices is very important. These may include cleaning, painting, replacing furniture, plumbing works, electronics, machinery, grass mowing, fumigation, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) checks and so on.

It is also very necessary and important to have a checklist of all security features of the school. This is because aside from avoiding an oversight, it has been a long break from the last term and there might be some few hitches that the eye might have missed.

Taking the time to cross-check and look out for all security and safety measures being placed properly before the start of the school term is paramount.

Schedules, rosters and routine plans

It is time to set your mind out of the holiday mood and think classroom, facilitating and tutoring. Preparing all schedules for facilitators and for the classroom is key. Duty rosters and routine plans set your mind at rest and give you the confidence in your deliveries.

Having properly planned duty rosters and schedules puts everyone at ease knowing who is responsible for what and at what time. This saves clashes over duties and promotes the smooth running of the day-to-day activities, as well as the general serenity of the school.

Preparing learning schemes, plans and notes, as well as activity schedule and homework charts for the upcoming term will help facilitators and learners stay focus. This will also help avoid distractions and waste of time.

Get your supplies together

Returning to school without an adequate supply of teaching and learning materials, toiletries and other miscellaneous can be very frustrating.

Facilitators must as well get all wall charts, videos and activities well-planned and organised before the start of school so that they are not found wanting and roaming looking for supplies in the middle of lessons. This causes a great distraction to her class and other facilitators as well. It also takes the charge away.

The school’s administration must also stock enough uniforms, books, electronic supplies, essentials and update its software if any to put the office space at ease and apt to the unsettling task that the term brings.

Do you remember?

Getting everything together and properly organised at the start of a new term is going to set the right tone for the whole term’s calendar.

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