Maiden Ghana Corporate Brand Awards to be hosted on 5th August


The maiden edition of the Ghana Corporate Brands Awards is set to be held on 5th August 2022 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

It is an awards to recognize the most popular and trusted brands in Ghana. It will also bring together corporate institutions and industries for networking opportunities to further boost their brands.

Organizers of the event, Maven Communications say the companies and individuals selected for the Ghana Corporate Brand Awards are evaluated and graded by the Awards’ Research Board.

It consists of prominent and well-learned people in corporate institutions, branding, advertising and marketing. The award will also be judged by a consumer poll run by an independent survey.

The maiden Ghana Corporate Brand Awards is expected to open more business opportunities for not just the award winners but also other companies that will take part in the event.

Awards process

The selection criteria will be based on Quality, Market Dominance, Resilience, Customer Loyalty, Corporate Responsibility and Overall Market Acceptance.

The Research Board will consider a holistic approach to identifying the finalists of the Award.

The competition’s criteria and categories cover the wide-ranging aspects of professional brand management, consumer preference with a decisive majority, innovative brands strategy, consistent brand IPR protection and sustainable brand trustworthiness.

Award benefits

• National press and media activities by the awards will highlight the brand’s achievements.

• The sheer reputation and image of a leading brand is a high motivator for employees and reinforces high morale and employee loyalty.

•Suppliers/customers are reassured that they are working and dealing with a reliable brand.

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