ECL outdoors CSR project, ECLR8


Enterprise Computing Limited (ECL) has formally unveiled ECLR8, its project for corporate social responsibility.

This project is to emphasise ECL’s commitment to society and the next generation as a tech leader in Africa. It is intended to spark a universal interest in technology in preparation for the tech future by providing the platform and resources that the youth need to be a part of the future. The name ‘ECLR8’ was created by combining the words ‘excel’ and ‘accelerate’, which capture the passion of team ECL.

For a company that is not new to social impact, this platform is intended to be an extension of previous initiatives where ECL has collaborated with various stakeholders to share its enthusiasm for technology.

As the team puts it: “The launch of ECLR8 is just a natural continuation of all the things that we have been passionately pushing over the years”.

The ability to participate in the technological future is already a reality, thanks to initiatives like internship programmes that provide participants access to hands-on training through its world-class engineers.

In addition, ECL has played a significant role in establishing and outfitting a computer lab, among other projects, with schools in the West African region.

The ECLR8 project will take many forms – from charity donations to women in tech activities, to education, social events and celebrations, and partnerships. For ECL, the ultimate objective of ECLR8 is to Impact, Innovate and Give Back.

About ECL

ECL is an ISO certified professional IT services company in Ghana and Liberia. It provides solutions ranging from hybrid cloud infrastructure to backup and recovery, business process automation, and cybersecurity.

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