Food vendors urged to serve food in plant leaf instead of plastics

Co-founders of Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic - Rebecca Amissah, left; and Lady Eva, right, addressing guests at the official opening of Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic

The Co-founder of the Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic, Lady Eva, has cautioned the public against the increasing patronage of food served in plastic packages since they contain chemicals that are harmful to human health.

The preference for such containers to package food now among many Ghanaians, as against the use of the traditional leaf food vendors hitherto used to sell food in, she observed, is disturbing because of the presence of carcinogenic substances, among others.

The US-based Ghanaian nurse observed that advanced countries have shunned the use of such plastics for paper containers, and therefore, urged that authorities act to discourage the use of such plastic containers.

Speaking in an interview at the back of the official opening of the Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic at East Legon in Accra, she encouraged the public to cut down on the eating of certain food to achieve healthy living.

Also, she entreated people to have enough rest while occasionally undertaking medical check-ups, and not use money as an excuse for not seeking regular examinations from medical experts.

The Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic, she said, while it has been established to provide top-notch wellness care, also prioritises educating its patrons to be well-informed about their health.

“For instance, if you visit us with high blood pressure as a medical condition, we go further to ensure that you leave our premises well-educated on the condition, as well as the dos and don’ts, not just the medication but being an informed consumer,” she stated.

Also, the Chief Executive and co-founder of Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic, Rebecca Amissah, observed that most men hesitate to open up about their health issues to their partners or family for fear of being seen as weak.

This situation, she said, often leads to the late discovery of certain soluble conditions. She, therefore, urged people to prioritise men’s health, while encouraging the eating of healthy diets to promote good health and living. She noted that too much intake of meat, oily and carbohydrate foods impact one’s health.

It is against these developments that she said the setting up of Freshwater Wellness and Therapeutic Clinic will contribute to promoting healthy living among Ghanaians. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facilities available at the clinic will contribute to eliminating the ‘lack of beds syndrome’ in most public hospitals since they will be able to care for patrons, as well as help create jobs for healthcare professionals in the country.

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