Insights with Dzigbordi K. Dosoo: Your ‘why’ is the gateway to your success Insights


When we look at our everyday lives, from a child to an adult, we all ask the question, WHY? We all ask ‘why’ because we seek to understand. It could be a child trying to get clarity on an issue or asking a question. But fundamentally, it is a way by which we communicate our lack of understanding of an issue or the need to truly understand an issue. WHY has become the most powerful word in recent times. Be it our life, love, work or the business we do, we usually try to ask the question WHY to be able to ensure that we understand the message, we understand the conversation, we understand the person. Globally and indeed in Africa and locally within our own Ghanaian environment, you would identify that the most successful personal brands, influencers or businesses when asked the secret ingredient to the success of their business or themselves, always tell a story with summary that ends with Purpose, Cause or Belief.

WHY can be defined firstly as REASON, secondly as DIRECTION and lastly as your PURPOSE. Irrespective of the definition of WHY, one key concept is understood. It makes our messaging simpler, our conversations more concise and it relays consistency as to what we do. I refer to the WHYs of our lives, love or business as THE MODEL. The Model is your WHY for starting a business, a movement or reinvesting into a business. This model is what leads us to do what we do and to act the way we act. Globally, it has become a phenomenon underlying both personal and business success.

Your Model is a unique personality that lives, breaths and grows from an idea, an initiative or a dream into an empire of results. It is the constant reminder that keeps you grounded when you feel like walking out on your business. The market you sell to or what you sell is not enough to take you through the harsh times when the storms of failure come crashing at your door. The reason you start a journey is the mark of fulfilment when you start to see results and you begin to realize your dreams.

One thing that fascinates me about our WHY is its ability to bring Humanity, Authenticity and Credibility immediately to any conversation, any story and any delivery. It is a key model that needs to be looked at more intimately in our spaces be it the corporate track, the entrepreneurship track or the personal track. It is a model that should be focused on at any point in the leadership journey.

A recent study from Korn Ferry showed that companies with teams focused on their organization’s purpose had annual growth rates nearly three times the annual rate for their entire industry. According to the survey, 90% of people who worked in a purpose-driven organization reported feeling engaged in their work. In companies that aren’t as focused on purpose, only 32 percent of employees reported feelings of engagement and connectedness with the work they were doing

High Performers at different stages of their lives have raised the necessity of asking, ‘Why do I do what I do and why does my business do what it does? In all African and Global examples, you would see businesses set apart successfully based on their WHY. Right from the cocoa farmer all the way to the board rooms, everyone has a reason why they do what they do. When they focus on that reason, be it a painful reason, the need to solve a problem or make an impact, that is the driving force to everything that they do.

Simon Sinek summarizes, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” “The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” This is the recipe for sustenance and followership of your business. When people understand the heart and soul behind the service or product you are providing, they feel a deeper sense of connection with the business.

From the Law of Diffusion of Innovation, it is said that if you want mass market acceptance of an idea, you cannot achieve it until you achieve the tipping point between 15% and 18% market penetration. Early Adopters are only about 13.5% of a population. This group is not as quick to generate a new idea but they are quick to embrace a product or idea that appears to be valuable to them. Once they feel like a product is useful they will do whatever it takes to obtain it. They are also very quick to offer referrals to others about the products that they like. Now, the Early Adopters are the people who will follow you relentlessly if they can find a connection with your product or service, if they feel the same way you do by agreeing with the reason you innovated your product. This section of people as compared to the Early or Late Majority and the laggards are the most likely percentage to jump on your bus to support you in your journey.

So how can we use our why to start building our personal brands and businesses. I discuss some four keys below.


If you do not know where it is that you want to be, then it is impossible to know the necessary steps you need to take to get there. Take time to consciously write down your goals-whether they are financial, physical or personal. Be specific. Do not, for example say “I want to be rich.” Dig deeper. What does rich mean to you? Put a figure on it. And more importantly ask yourself why you want to be rich. Is it simply because that’s what everyone expects of us as growing adults or because it is how people measure success? Why?!


So many people take the big step to start a business, but then they find that they reach a ceiling that they do not feel they can break through. Revenue feels stuck at a certain level, and no matter what they do, they cannot seem to grow. Identifying your ideal client is critical for your success. Some may feel that it narrows your audience and target market, but in fact, it can increase your chances of making sales. By knowing exactly who it is you want to work with and the problems they have, you can bridge the gap. You can create content that is magnetic as opposed to generic. When you reach out to people who truly can benefit from what you offer, then the sale becomes easy. If you are asking people to patronize you, they will also be asking themselves why.


By building a community of people, whether online or offline, who have an interest in what you do, you are creating an audience who comes to know, like and trust you. People often think that information is power and that it should be withheld, but in fact, by offering information to your audience for free, you then become an expert figure. In time, should they require something you offer, you will likely be the first person they think of. When you understand your why, you are able to carve out a strong messaging that eventually builds community for you and your brand. The world is full of people looking for answers to their whys. If what you do helps them to answer those questions, you can influence them.


Rome was not built in a day. Our whys if identified correctly do not change with every season. They may evolve to adapt to different situations in life but they do not change. Stick with the mission. So many people give in and fall short of success. Balance and consistency are key. Make a plan and stick to it. Do not burn yourself out in the first couple of days and then give up when clients do not just fall into your lap. Make a commitment to show up, put out great content and build connections and relationships with people who are your ideal client. Acting is the thing that often separates those who succeed from those who do not. Without action, nothing happens.

In summary, what you do proves what you believe in. I will end by reminding you through Simon Sinek’s words that leaders simply hold a position or authority. A person who leads however is a believer of something and inspires others who can buy into that cause to follow him. As you continue to nurture your business, contribute as team player, engage clients, or supervise as the boss, remember that what you focus on grows. Your attention is a powerful tool and should be charted towards currents of success and growth. Be authentic, and focus on improving your venture, brand and product. Keep asking why and keep working to finding those answers.


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