Ghana Post launches ‘Scuttle Parcel Box’ to enhance delivery system

Scuttle Parcel Box

The official post service in the country, Ghana Post, has launched a new innovation ‘Scuttle Parcel Box’ which is aimed at boosting mail and parcel delivery in the country.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director for Ghana Post, Bice Osei Kuffour, said the ‘Scuttle Parcel Box’ is an innovative box that is being introduced to give convenience to individuals that have to drive to the post office to access their mails.

According to him, the box is a solution to the craving need of Ghanaians to have a very easy way of accessing their mails and parcels without having to go through stress.

“The new scuttle box system is a solution to the cravings of individuals for a more convenient way of communication and receiving of parcels and mails. It is like your post office in your own home or office. We are creating a post office right by your doorsteps and that is what the scuttle box system is about and it is an ease of communication and it is linked with the National Addressing System,” he explained.

Mr. Kuffour indicated that it is an addition to the letter box that already exists, stating that it is something that can match up with the demands of the future as the country advances and clearly indicates how Ghana Post is ready to serve the country.

The already existing traditional post office system around the world, according to Mr. Kuffour, is losing because people are growing to have interest in a more comfortable means of communicating, hence, the introduction of the ‘Scuttle Parcel Box’.

“Even those who have letter boxes, and still take scuttle boxes have the opportunity of linking the box with their letter box so that mails that come into their letter box will be delivered to them in the scuttle box in the comfort of their homes or businesses,” Mr. Kuffour noted.

The ‘Scuttle Parcel Box’ is made of a solid metal with an anti-theft system, 100 percent indigenous innovation engineered by CollinsTee Investment to allow individuals and offices receive deliveries whether available or not.

The Deputy Minister of Communications and Digitalisation, Ama Pomaah Boateng, urged Ghana Post to continue to push innovations to the doorsteps of their clients, while serving them with speed, efficiency and loyalty.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Providing a Secure and Enhanced Mail and Parcel Delivery System: The Role of Digital Innovations’, she mentioned that building a good reputation is very necessary in the e-commerce business, hence, Ghana Post should factor that in their services.

She commended both CollinsTee Investment and Ghana Post for the good initiative that has been introduced to serve Ghanaians, while calling on all institutions and individuals to rally behind this latest innovation.


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