Mosaic Groove partners GFMA to organise tiger-nut conference

Mosaic Groove Limited

Mosaic Groove Limited has partnered the Ghana Food Movement Association (GFMA) to organise the first-ever tiger nut conference to shed more light on the importance and benefits of the crop.

The conference brought together experts from both academia and the tiger-nut industry to brainstorm on what can be done to help increase production for local consumption and export in its raw and value-added forms.

The Founder of Mosaic Groove, Dr. Kaadze Wright, speaking at the event stated that tiger-nut is a crop that carries a lot of benefits; therefore if all can take up the challenge of helping to promote it, this will go a long way to help the country’s economy.

Dr. Wright noted that if its cultivation can be made very easy through the introduction of simple harvesting equipment, as well as getting young people onboard to help in its cultivation; this can help increase the crop’s popularity and demand for it.

“I truly believe that if we come together as citizens and promote this food crop, get it more popular, then it will help grow the industry. I think if we can make the cultivation easier and mechanise it; I truly believe it can then become a much better and more popular crop,” she said.

According to her, there are so many things the crop can be used for aside from consuming it in its raw state; hence, if the country can explore more about benefits of the crop and take advantage, it will help Ghana grab its portion of the estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.6 percent globally.

Dr. Wright commended the Ghana Food Movement Association for its immense contribution to organisation of the conference and its success. The conference was held under the theme ‘Tigernut, Ghana’s Untapped Gold Mine’.

Some participants who were present at the conference with products made from tiger-nut said adding value to the crop generated more income – stating that they are able to extract three or more different products from the raw nut.

For Mosaic Groove, its farm-to-fork approach of growing, processing and marketing is meant to make a difference in the lives of farmers by improving yields, increasing income and capturing more of the tiger-nut value chain in the country.

About Mosaic Groove

Mosaic Grove is an agribusiness based in Accra, Ghana. Its mission is to increase the standard of living for women and youth in Ghana. Mosaic Groove is committed to increasing women’s participation in the agrifood value chain and improving their livelihoods. Currently, Mosaic Grove consists of two farms, which are a 100-acre cashew farm in Eastern Afram Plains and a 2.5-acre tiger-nut farm in Eastern Kwahu.

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