Academic City University College holds maiden graduation ceremony

The Academic City University College

The Academic City University College, a premium quality tertiary institution has held its maiden graduation ceremony for about 35 students in Accra.

Speaking at the event, the President and Provost for the institution, Prof. Fred Mcbagonluri, advised the students to contribute to finding solutions to the numerous problems that exist with the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies.

Prof. Mcbagonluri emphasised on the need for them to tap into the numerous opportunities that is available, and make a change with strong focus on what they intend to achieve without looking back at the errors committed in the past.

“You cannot be your strongest self if your mind is full of mistakes, hurts, and regrets from the past. When you think about the future, you should be thinking about who you want to be, not who you used to be. So, think about the past enough to learn from it, but let go of any anger, shame, or guilt that is stopping you from moving on.

“Graduates of Academic City, as you embark on the next phase of your life, it is my goal that you would concentrate your efforts on the opportunity presented by the aforementioned issues in order to build solutions that will effectively address the continent of Africa’s numerous problems.

“You have numerous opportunities ahead of you. You must determine what to do with all of your hard-earned accomplishments. I hope that the training and principles that Academic City instilled in you will strengthen and guide you to achieve success in all of your endeavors,” he noted.

He complimented them for their efforts in contributing to the school’s development, and said the faculty, staff, and parents are very pleased with what they have accomplished over the past four years, as well as their devotion and hard work.

Founder of Academic City, Neeraj Varyani, urged the graduates to take chances and put their best foot forward, and not be scared to make mistakes as many mistakes committed by him made his dream possible.

“Mistakes are only going to make you smarter. Do not be scared to fail, it is inevitable, so embrace it. If you do not fail, you never were really trying. Have goals, and create plans to achieve those goals. Life is a journey worth living to learn. I believe this experience at Academic City has given you the tools that you need in order to always keep learning,” he said.


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