‘The Law and Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ghana’ book launched

‘The Law and Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ghana’ book launched

A retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Stephen Alan Brobbey and co-author Victor Brobbey Esq. have launched a book titled: ‘The Law and Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ghana’ to help strengthen the legal system of the country.

The 672-page book, which has two broad sections, has its first few chapters focused on theoretical and legal definitions of issues of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and the other chapters talk about the practical aspect of ADR.

The book also highlights some key hearing issues, and provides some sample ADR forms that will be useful to lawyers and non-lawyers alike, in addition to sample questions which students might want to use.

Commenting on the book, co-author Victor Brobbey Esq. said the book will be useful to a broad range of potential users and stakeholders, adding it addresses all potential issues that are relevant to the subject matter.

“We want to encourage the use of ADR so that we can enlighten the cases of our courts, and in so doing, help address the challenges in our judicial system while also at the same time improving the fate of the ordinary Ghanaian.

“And of course, we want Ghana to be at the forefront of the growing worldwide trend of settling disputes outside formal court systems, sometimes using very efficient technological processes. We hope that this helps our beloved nation in our ongoing attempts to achieve the objectives of the ADR act. We want to make dispute resolution speedier and more efficient for everybody.”

Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah, giving his remarks, said the promotion of ADR has become more pronounced in recent times due to the inherent challenges associated with litigation even though it has its own advantage. He said the need to decongest the court while enhancing justice to the citizenry cannot be overemphasised.

According to him, the upsurge of ADR can only be viewed as a positive development, while commending Justice S.A. Brobbey for his contribution to that effect.

He mentioned that Justice S.A. Brobbey has contributed greatly to the legal system and the school of Law; therefore, he must be acknowledged and celebrated for his works.

The co-author, Justice Brobbey, urged other justices to adopt the habit of writing to help extend knowledge of the legal system to young and potential judges.



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