17th GPHA Francophone Week Celebration marked  


Ghana, as a country, is surrounded by Francophone nations, and the three main land-locked nations who use the ports of Ghana to transit their goods into their various countries are all francophone.

It is for these reasons that Ghana’s Port Authority deems it fit to regularly train its personnel to be proficient in French in order to give them the skill to effectively interact with customers of French nationality and origin.

The Training Department of GPHA is therefore mandated to offer free basic French courses which are open to all staff of the authority.

This year, members of the GPHA French School have celebrated their 17th GPHA Francophone Week Celebration which was aimed at ensuring that Ghana’s ports become the Transit Hub of West Africa through the French language.

Various activities characterised the celebrations including dancing and singing in French, essay presentations, quizzes, poems and plays. The performances were assessed by supervisors and tutors as a reflection of what the students had learnt through the period of their course.

The participants were also served to a dinner dance at the GPHA Senior Staff Clubhouse.

The celebration ended with a 3-day visit to Togo, where the French students of GPHA toured the port area.

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