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In today’s world, there is a growing number of multimedia platforms and content channels as everyone seems to be fixated on keeping up with information and knowing what is happening in real time. Broadcasting is very critical and the use of elements such as text, graphics, animations, music videos and others in broadcasting have become more widespread, serving as a very good way to communicate for easy understanding.

However, industry connoisseurs in recent times have engaged in an unending debate on the future of broadcasting. From these conversations, it has become obvious that broadcast television in not going away soon and probably it never will. Instead, it is likely to rise from 10percent of households 10 years ago to 25percent in 10 years from now, particularly as it gets modernized through smartphone applications that allow easy access to antenna television on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

More than ever, content is described as king by experts and industry professionals in the world of television. Television audiences are becoming spoilt for options and now demanding for fresh content; something they haven’t seen before. They want relevant and unique content which will entertain and keep them rather than something boring which is more likely to get them to lose their interest.

I guess a lot of people who got glued to their television sets every Sunday evening to watch what has become the biggest show on Ghanaian television in recent times, Date Rush, had no idea the company that produces it. For them, it must all be about how they get captivated by the show. Same can be said about other popular and exciting shows on television such as Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Music Music, Talented Kidz, Mentor, Ghana’s Strongest, The Day Show, Ladies Circle, Showbiz 360 and several others.

This week I took time to touch base with a leading personality when it comes to television content production in Ghana to throw a spotlight on what she is doing with her dynamic team at Adese Productions Limited (APL). They happen to be the team creating for Ghanaians an exciting television viewing experience through their great and exciting content on Ghanaian television.

Afeafa Nfojoh is an award-winning Television Producer – Director considered as a gem at what she does. She is credited with the success of several television productions, live event productions and concert productions. Afeafa is currently the General Manager of Adese Productions Limited (APL), which is a subsidiary of the Media General Group, Ghana’s leading Media conglomerate.

Under her leadership, APL is gradually taking its place as Ghana’s number one production company of choice. APL is the power behind some of the best and most popular content on Ghanaian television now. Most of the contents produced over the years have received recognition by important agencies and won several awards by key organizations including the prestigious Charted Institute of Marketing – Ghana, the Radio and Television Awards and several others.

The company produces content all year round including some famous shows like Date Rush, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Music Music, Talented Kidz, Mentor, Ghana’s Strongest Day Show, Ladies Circle and Showbiz 360. In addition, APL produces amazing shows such as Today’s Woman, 3Tunes, Odo Fever, Aben Woha, Battle of the Sexes, The Sharks, the Next Top Actor, Celebrations, and the drama series, Sadia.

Very recently, Ghana’s number one television station, TV3 Network premiered some new shows produced by APL. They include a dating show dubbed Perfect Match, a culinary battle between association of old students of senior high schools called Kitchen Wars and Confessions, a show which provides the platform for people to share their dark secrets and get counseling from a team of counselors. Kids Arena is a show that educates and entertains kids.

APL is an autonomous production arm of the Media General Group founded in August 2014. As a production company, it is responsible for content creation for the Media General Group and also mandated to prospect for business outside the group and offer production services to external clients.

The company aims to transform the brands of its clients in order to effect change in their production to improve their image and service quality delivery. At APL, the focus is on producing compelling content for the Media General platforms and its growing list of clients across Ghana and beyond.

APL offers fist class services for its clientele which gives them value for their money. Some of these services include Content Strategy and Channel Development, Television and Film Production, Television Commercials and Event Management. In recent times, APL has also started Brand and Talent Management leveraging on the rich experience and expertise of the caliber of team ay the production house.

The company has created an enviable name for itself within the industry and contributed immensely towards the success and growth of the entertainment industry in Ghana, especially in the areas of content development, event management, television and film production and talent management. APL has over the years produced programs of good value and of enormous importance to dealing with several issues society is faced with.

Urging businesses to choose APL for their production needs, Ms. Nfojoh said “a wide range of elements separates a good production company from bad ones, extending beyond their portfolios. Look beyond flair and flashy advertising to consider the reputation, experience and flexibility.

Also are you being offered a full service and are these services being offered worth the money you are paying? Are you getting higher quality, increased value, expert opinions, and professional reliability?  These and more is what APL is known for and provides for its clients. APL is definitely your best bet so look no further”.

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