All set for Happy FM/Donewell Insurance blood donation drive

Happy 98.9FM and Donewell Insurance are set to give the perfect gift this August to help patients in need by donating blood.

Happy 98.9FM and Donewell Insurance are set to give the perfect gift this August to help patients in need by donating blood. The donation exercise is being organised with the aim of collecting hundreds of voluntary pints of blood to stock the country’s National Blood Bank and 37 Military Blood Banks to save lives.

Speaking about the objectives of the donation exercise, Bridget Mensah, PR Manager at Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company said, managers of the Blood Bank have always complained about the low levels of blood in stock and have frequently called for voluntary donations. As responsible brands, we are responding to that plea. We have been responding for over a decade now and we will continue to respond to that plea every year.

Head of Marketing and Business Development for Donewell Insurance, Cecilia Bruce stated the rationale behind partnering Happy FM for the donation exercise. “As an insurance company, our core mandate is to help bring products and services that help to mitigate emergencies and reduce the adverse effects of those emergencies.

So blood donation is in line with insuring and protecting people when they find themselves in medical emergencies. I hope that we are able to collect over 300 viable pints of life-saving blood during the drive. When people come to donate blood, it is possible to separate their donation into three parts- plasma, platelets and red blood cells. Each part can go to different patients and help save up to three lives.”

David Dodzi Ahiadzro, the Donor Services Manager at the National Blood Service explained the process of donating blood and said: “the blood collection takes about five to seven minutes after which the donor is made to rest for 10 minutes and given light refreshment” adding that “the donor will be able to return to his or her normal duties immediately after donating.”

Major Kissiedu, Superintendent at the 37 Military Hospital Blood Bank on his part said that if Ghanaians voluntarily donate on regular basis, the Blood Bank which doesn’t only serve 37 but other hospitals would collect sustainable blood stock in all the types to save lives. This year’s blood donation exercise has free eye and health screening as part of the benefits for donors and will take place at Ayalolo bus station in Accra on 13th August from 9am.

The Happy FM/Donewell Insurance Blood Donation campaign is supported by the National Blood Service, 37 Blood Bank, Kinapharma, iVISION Centre, Cedar Medical Plaza and Healthi Life. All set for Happy FM/ Donewell Insurance Blood Donation Drive.


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