Truck and trailer identification inspection policy piloted at Port of Tema

Classroom sessions of Truck and Trailer Identification and Inspection training program

The implementation of the Truck and Trailer Identification and Inspection policy at the Port of Tema is currently in its pilot stage ahead of its implementation in August.

The Truck and Trailer Identification and Inspection policy is being rolled out to ensure that haulage trucks using the port are identifiable and in good condition to carry cargo.

As such all trucks that use the port for hauling of cargo are expected to register with the port for access and verification.

As part of the pilot program, selected security officials who represent the monitoring team to inspect vehicles have undergone a three-week training on the Port Loading Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that would be used to verify trucks registered with the port.

The security staff underwent both theoretical and practical training on the use of the RFID systems for access control.

Mr. Baffour Adjei Mensah, Director of Operations at Auto Consult Ventures Limited (ACVL), the Authority’s technical partner said am the ultimate goal of the program is to encourage an appropriate maintenance culture.

He said “the program will also ensure that we conduct port load worthy inspection on trucks to ensure that the components of these haulage trucks responsible for securing and carrying cargo, are all present and are functioning properly.”

He said both GPHA and traders stand to benefit substantially from the policy.

He elaborated that when trucks are in the best conditions, that would go a long way to reduce accidents within the port and its enclave and consequently do away with the traffic caused.

In that same vein, traders are assured of safe and timely carriage of goods from the port to their destinations.

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