GIMPA LSA holds annual dinner

Law Students Association

The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Law Students Association (LSA) has held its annual dinner, among other things to celebrate final year students who will be graduating, recognise outstanding ones, and foster associational networking.

The occasion also serves as a platform to introduce the association’s new executives to the membership and pass the reins to them.

Newly elected president of the association, Festus Matey, in an address, reaffirmed the commitment of the new executives to elevating the GIMPA Law School by prioritising the concerns and needs of students. “We stand before you as your new LSA executive team with so much passion to serve and deliver a brighter future for the LSA,” he said.

Mr. Matey further urged membership to work hand in hand to promote and protect the LSA constitution, citing that a written constitution is not an ordinary act but embodies the will of the people and mirrors history, contains aspirations and hope for a better and fuller life.

“Colleagues, being in GIMPA Law School should mean more than being a student of Law. It should mean being part of a prestigious student group, members of an enviable law brand and with the duty to promote and protect our LSA constitution and our wellbeing.

Law Students Association

As executives, we are determined to fix these legacy issues with you. We will therefore rely on your support; personally, on your network and your influence to mobilize resources, whether in cash or kind to fix our issues.  May it be known and said by our generation that a group of students in the Law Faculty came, stood together and fixed the legacy issues of the school,” he said.

Law Students Association

He used the occasion to wish the final students and outgoing executives success in their future endeavors.


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