BFTBankingSurvey2022: Z-Mobile Ghana app – new experience, new look


Long queues, cramped halls, system downtime, frantic tellers, and frustrated clients are some of the features that characterised banking in the not-too-distant past; albeit a picture of banking which could no longer remain the norm.

Over the course of the last decade and a half, and more especially in the last five years, the narrative has changed as banks sought to increase operational efficiency, coupled with the intensified financial inclusion efforts by governments and a high demand for innovative means of payments by financial market participants.

The biggest catalyst for the rapid transition, however, has been the speedy uptick in mobile phone penetration globally, and specifically, in Ghana.

According to data from the National Communications Authority, as at the second quarter of 2021, there were 22.7 million smartphone users in Ghana, which equates to 73 percent of the population. The implication is that a vast number of people can now be served through digital services, positively impacting the growth of the digital economy.

The local digital banking landscape has experienced tremendous change over the last half-decade due to the aforementioned factors from Internet banking to the use of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes, to mobile apps, and other services.

Since the launch of the first domestic digital banking application in the mid-2010s, they have become ubiquitous with customers now factoring the responsiveness and ease of use of mobile apps in their choice of banks as they have become the preferred one-stop channel for everything from onboarding to diverse transactions. Beyond a host of functionalities, mobile banking apps also provide convenience and accessibility, monitoring and alerts, security, fraud prevention, and environmental sustainability.

Z-Mobile Ghana app

As a forward-thinking bank, Zenith continues to explore innovative ways of improving its product and service offerings to create greater convenience for its customers.

It is in this light that the Z-Mobile Ghana app has been enhanced with best-in-class biometric authentication (fingerprint and facial recognition) and other user-friendly, convenient, and secure features which afford customers the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy a custom dashboard with an overview of their bank account(s).
  • View daily FX rates.
  • Initiate cash withdrawals at any Zenith Bank ATM without a card.
  • Find Zenith Bank branches around them.
  • Schedule fund transfers, purchase airtime and data bundles.
  • Schedule payments.
  • Set travel notifications, and so much more.


In addition, the enhanced Z-Mobile Ghana app enables non-Zenith customers to open an Instant Account.

The additional features highlighted above complement the existing basic features that Z-mobile provides, such as balance enquiry, account-to-card transfers, card-to-card transfers, view transaction history (last five transactions), bill payments, transfer funds between user’s accounts and third-party accounts, PIN change and password change.

Indeed, the enhanced Z-Mobile Ghana app lends credence to the expression: ‘the new Bank Branch is in the palm of customers’ hands’.

Wholly Digital

The bank’s forward-thinking approach has been evidenced by its continuous investment in digital solutions and consistent upgrades to existing infrastructure, resulting in a well-rounded and robust suite of products that interact seamlessly with the Zenith digital ecosystem.

In addition to the Z-Mobile Ghana app, Zenith Bank has provided several financial solutions that cater for the needs of its diverse range of customers, most notably the Zenith Internet Banking platform (Individuals and Corporates), as well as *966# – the bank’s USSD code for EazyBanking.

Fully cognisant of its responsibilities to safeguard customer assets, adhere to regulatory compliance requirements and preserve its business, Zenith Bank has invested heavily in information security, and continuously acquires all PCI DSS, ISO certifications and other security measures to protect and safeguard customer information and interests.

Why Zenith?

Zenith Bank, since its entry into the Ghanaian banking landscape in September 2005, has differentiated itself from its peers in the areas of product innovation and service offerings, multiple channels for electronic banking and a consistent delivery of exceptional customer service. The bank remains committed to its quest to be the best in all parameters and a market leader in the next three years. It will continue to stay engaged with customers and provide innovative solutions that cater for the unique needs of its customers.

Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited is a member of the Ghana Deposit Protection Scheme.

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