Recipes with Dainess Chef’s School: White Chocolate Mousse in Brandy Snap Basket

Brandy Snap Basket

It is always exciting to have mousse on standby for dessert whether at home or at an event, but it is even more exciting with this White Mousse in Brandy Snap Basket. With this mousse, we are not just melting, whipping and mixing, we are also moulding a basket to hold the mousse, and this makes it interesting.

The textures with this mousse is well achieved with the brandy snap basket that is not meant to just hold the mousse, but to also add some crispness to the dessert. Top it up with some berries and you have a masterpiece right there. White Chocolate Mousse in Brandy Snap Basket is very appealing, yet super easy to make. You will love it!

White Chocolate Mousse


  • White chocolate -300g
  • Cream -150g
  • Gelatin – 8g
  • Whipped cream -800g


  1. Boil cream, pour over white chocolate and melt.
  2. Add gelatin, leave to set and incorporate whipping cream.

Brandy snap


  • Icing sugar – 250g
  • Butter -250g
  • Egg white -250g
  • Vanilla Essence -50g


  1. Beat butter and icing sugar together to a fluffy consistency.
  2. Whip egg white and fold into mixture, add vanilla essence.
  3. Leave mixture to rest for a while. Press mixture with a palette knife on a silicon mat,
  4. Cut into strips and bake to a golden brown colour.
  5. When ready, mould into a basket form and leave to cool.
  6. Put white chocolate mousse into a piping bag and pipe into the brandy snap basket and garnish with any fruit of your choice.

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